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Well, I guess it really is Wakanda Forever because the numbers are substantial and is the proof that this movie is a blockbuster. Many went to the theaters wearing white with their family in support of Chadwick Boseman. Me??? Well, I don't follow, but I wore a Marvel hoodie in a theater on Thursday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised by the movie. We all had no idea where they would take the movie after the very sad death of Chadwick. We all knew about Namor (funny they didn't call him Sub-Mariner once.) We also knew Sherri would become the Black Panther, but who knew about the ending?!!! The legacy will continue through his son. Many people were having a hissy fit online saying re-cast T'Chala but this is your answer. Marvel felt it was too soon to recast T'Chala out of respect for Boseman, and I agree. The action was there, the storyline was lit, a smart college kid working quietly with vibranium, the nation was under attack since they lost it's leader, and boy oh boy what a movie. There are other easter eggs in there for the ThunderBolts movie but no Doctor Doom as of yet. I like how Marvel is pacing itself out with major characters we are looking forward to and not rushing it. Salute! Marvel all Day!!!! You DC fans might have a chance now that a "Marvel" guy named James Gunn went over to On a side note, one of the first things he asked for was a Marvel vs. DC movie...ehhh...might be interesting but I wouldn't hold my breath for that. Too much politics. Studios had to fight for Spider-Man and Hulk rights. 

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