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This is how I know there are certain people out to destroy us based on our reputation. The original Freeway Rick Ross who cooperated with the US Government to bring cocaine into this country recently admitted he has been offered to make new deals since his prison release. Freeway Ricky revealed that he’s been approached at least on four separate occasions about getting back into the cocaine business. All of which he declined. If he accepted, it probably would have been that one last run to get him life in prison. We've all seen the movie "Blow" with Johnny Depp.  Freeway Rick understands the philosophy of getting money fast but realized he had to pay for his crimes, so if you are unwilling to do that in the process, that life isn't for you. 

Freeway also has other things going on. He is the also author of two books and loves Boxing. He has actually signed 5 boxers as their boxing advisors. "Why get involved in boxing one might ask, I love the sport, and the respect and admiration I have for fighters is the reason why I like boxing so much, and why I want to work with fighters,” said Freeway Rick, who today is a national motivational speaker. “It takes so much to be a fighter and even more to be great. I believe my life experience and the wisdom I’ve gained will help these young men become great.”

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