Could Lincoln Riley Once Again Be At The Center Of Tampering Controversy?

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The college football transfer portal is set to open on December 5th. And one name to keep an eye on is speedy Texas wide receiver Xavier Worthy, who may be looking for greener pastures as far as fit and scheme. The name Lincoln Riley and the USC Trojans immediately come to mind. Riley is still being looked at  as the one who tampered with reigning Biletnikoff Award winner, Jordan Addison, causing him to leave Pittsburgh for Southern California. This time it’s another star pass catcher that could join Riley’s dynamic attack out in Tinseltown. 


Per 247 Sports USC Football site, Worthy leaving Austin for Los Angeles is all speculation at the moment, but shouldn’t be taken lightly. No one expected Addison to go to   USC either, and a few weeks later he was in USC colors. So it’s not out of the realm of possibilities.


“There has been some smoke about Xavier Worthy possibly transferring out of Texas, it’s something that started on the Longhorns 247 Sports board… Naturally, when there’s smoke, there’s usually some sort of fire. 


“Texas is going to do a lot to try and retain their players… but from an offensive fit, if you’re looking at the schools that he might transfer to, USC would obviously be at the top of the list.”


Did Riley Tamper To Get Addison? Is Worthy Next?


With the new way of college athletics, which includes the NIL and transfer portal, players no longer having to sit out that required year, therefore making it hot as fish grease. After taking the USC job last season, Riley landed his QB from Oklahoma, Caleb Williams not too long after. He then got Addison, and there was no shortage of folks who believed Riley and USC tampered in order to add the star receiver. Many said Addison sold our for the glitz and glamour of LA and NIL deals, which he may have. 


In an interview with local media in August, Addison himself says USC didn’t and he came out West for football purposes only. 


“Just some BS. But I mean the truth always going to come to light, so I just make sure I’m just going to keep working and make sure I’m ready for the season.”


“I wasn’t coming out here for all the lights, camera, action and all that. I just wanted to make sure that they knew I was strictly business.”


Adding Worthy Would Be Insane: 


If Worthy is indeed looking for a change of scenery, what better spot than USC. With Heisman candidate Caleb Williams at the helm for at least one more season, and Riley dialing it up it wouldn’t be a bad move at all. 


Also California can compete with Texas in the NIL world, as they have the collective game shaking and moving out west. 


Through two seasons the speedy Worthy has over 100 receptions, for over 2,100 yards and 21 touchdowns.  



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