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Chris Brown is simply one of the best talents of our generation. The man does backflips, dances and sings at the same time and is truly a gifted individual. Chris Brown is still overshadowed by his Bad Boy image though. Gang affiliation, alleged rape cases in the past and the most brutal putting hands on the beautiful Rihanna. Ever since his domestic abuse charges Chris Brown has done everything to remedy the situaion including time behind bars, counseling and more but to the public it seems like he never gets his just due. Don't believe me? Why was his performance at the AMA cancelled and it always seems like he's looked at in a certain light. While He won favorite R&B artist, he was booed and defended by Kelly Roand and Chris Brown went to his Twitter account saying, “While y’all posting his congratulations- why not offer an explanation about why his performance was cancelled. The fans deserve to know.”
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