Jackson State Head Coach In Talks With Colorado And South Florida

Jackson State Head Coach In Talks With Colorado And South Florida

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Deion Sanders hasn’t been shy about letting it be known that he’d entertain bigger jobs. And it’s safe to say he wasn’t lying, as Sanders is reportedly in talks with Colorado and South Florida. In an interview with “60 Minutes” last month, the Pro Football Hall of Famer said he’d continue to entertain bigger programs. 


“I’m gonna have to entertain it. Straight up. I’d be a fool not to.”


Sanders has also mentioned on numerous occasions how he wants to take care of his coaches, whom he says have outcoached and outworked their current assistant salaries. The reigning Eddie Robinson Award winner stated that reason in particular is why he’d consider leaving Jackson State. As much as the HBCU world loves and needs Sanders, he’s set from his playing days and being a brand in its own, but his assistants not so much, and for that he’d consider the jump to a higher level of football. 


Sanders Is No Stranger To Talking To Other Schools: 


It’s well-known that Sanders has entertained other openings in the past, in fact he reportedly interviewed for the then vacant TCU 

job while in the hospital recovering from toe surgery. Now it’s rumored that he’s speaking with Colorado a Pac-12 program and South Florida from the American Athletic Conference. Both programs are in complete disarray, boasting paltry records of 1-10 each. But both offer so much more from a recruiting and revenue standpoint than Sanders currently possesses at an HBCU. 


While Colorado may not be an ideal fit for Sanders as it pertains to recruiting, but they have long Power Five dough. That makes them an attraction, and his assistants would fare very well monetarily. It also provides a bigger recruiting window although it isn’t his ideal stomping grounds, his success at Jackson State would eventually lead to players flocking to Boulder. 


The South Florida Bulls are members of the AAC, and no they don’t have the long loot that the Buffaloes do, but we won’t feel sorry for them either. What they provide is the recruiting footprint that Sanders cherishes. And with conference recent standouts Cincinnati, UCF an Houston departing for Big 12 by the 2023 season, it opens a door for Sanders to compete much quicker in the conference. And again his assistants would see a huge difference in pay. 


Will He Or Won’t He? That’s The “I Am SWAC” Question: 


Even with all the entertaining and courting going on the belief is Sanders can do better than either of these two schools if he were to actually leave Jackson anytime soon. 


And while he may be in talks with these two programs his focus is also on the SWAC championship game and punching his ticket to a return trip to the Celebration Bowl. 


But if he wins both of those what else is there for him to accomplish at Jackson State on the gridiron itself. That’s a question to ponder.

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