Michael Irvin Likens Aaron Rodgers And Davante Adams To Joe Montana And Jerry Rice

Michael Irvin Likens Aaron Rodgers And Davante Adams To Joe Montana And Jerry Rice

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Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams were undoubtedly the best quarterback and receiver duo in the NFL prior to their split last offseason. The former Green Bay Packers twosome was so good that Cowboys legend and Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin even likened them to former NFL greats Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. During a recent appearance on the “Richard Sherman Podcast,” Irvin spoke candidly about his respect for Rodgers and Adams. 


“I said it last year when I watched them, I said I got to do it, I never did it, but I finally have to do it. I said, Man, watching the show, I never thought I will stand on myself that I’m going to put somebody on the sacred ground of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.”


Irvin continued ….


I’ve never said another combination was up there on Joe Montana and Jerry Rice level because we’ve seen them do the same thing, but this group, that group belonged up there for what they were doing, they belonged up there and why did you tear that apart?”


Irvin has the tendency to be a little overzealous in his applause for players, and this is no different. As great as Rodgers and Adams were together, they routinely came up small in the playoffs, unlike Montana and Rice. 


Irvin Comparing Them To Montana And Rice Could Be Deemed Disrespectful:


In 77 games together Montana and Rice combined for 6,710 yard and 67 touchdowns. While Rodgers to Adams accounted for one more touchdown than the Montana and Rice connection. But stats don’t tell the entire story, as Montana and Rice performed much better in the postseason, including two Super Bowl wins together, while Rodgers and Adams routinely came up short in their quest despite boasting the NFC’s best record on numerous occasions. 


And while Irvin’s point is numbers based, that’s not enough when comparing someone to NFL royalty like Montana and Rice. 


Rodgers And Adams Haven’t Had Much Success Apart:


This is the first season since Adams was drafted in 2014, that he hasn’t had Rodgers as his signal caller. And while he’s still put up great numbers, 64 receptions for 925 yards and 10 touchdowns, that hasn’t resulted in team wins as the Raiders are a disappointment 3-7. 


As for Rodgers, it’s been a struggle all season for the league’s highest-paid player, while he’s passed for over 2,500 yards, 19 touchdowns and just even interceptions it hasn’t been easy minus Adams who’s arguably the league’s top receiver. 


Their relationship didn’t have to end but Adams grew tired of Rodgers’ every offseason indecisiveness as to whether he was gonna retire or return for another season. This time Adams made the decision to go on his own and rejoin his former collegiate quarterback, Derek Carr in Vegas. 










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