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So lets be honest, if you are of the hip hop culture and was in Queens at the time G-Unit put out 50 Cent is the Future mixtape, Guess Who's Back and the G-unit radio mixtapes teasing Ja Rule singing like the Cookie Monster then you have an insight as to what happened with 50's music career. He understood his music audience but chose to go on a path which was unnecessary. We all knew of the name "Boo-Boo" and we all wanted him to remain a killer since he was busy busing his gun on 134 and Guy Brew. Time moved on and after his classic debut, 50 grew continously and chose to make more radio friendly music and other music which just didn;t resignate with his audience. 50 does have a lot to celebrate with his television movement and lets not forget about his 1.8 Billion views on Youtube. 50 Cent spoke to The Breakfast Club last year saying he has no desire to release another album. Instead, he thought about dropping an EP or a soundtrack to one of his many TV series. “I started working on some things,” he told DJ Envy. “It may not be the last album. It may be broken up into something that goes out with one of the television shows. But creatively… I got all the vehicles that I need to do it. I got 25 television shows.” He added: “I could just put this EP connected to this. Let it rock without having the pressure of it being a full album. If you look, when the last time you seen the actual numbers on the sales of a record?” Do you guys think 50 Cent can make another classic album? I personally think 50 is far removed from his original dangerous element but can drop a dope project if its under the guidance of Dr. Dre and his mentor Eminem. All 5th needs is a solid EP with about 6 songs and a skit or two, he doesn't have much to proove at this point.

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