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Creating a business through years of dedication, studying any industry to become successful, and then selling your company to invest in other ROIs is the way to go. An ROI is short for Return on investment, so in simple terms, a quote from Bobby Shmrda was "Get your money back, invest it in the same thing!" This brings us to the extremely successful record label called Quality Control. Quality Control is home to the Migos, Lil Yachty, Lil Baby, the infamous City Girls, Bankroll Freddie, and many more up-and-coming acts in the making. Although nothing is perfect at any record label, the label has had continued success and always seemed to pull through any adversity. Now, this morning, it is being reported the infamous Scooter Braun, and his company Hybe America has acquired the Quality Control record label and artist roster. Everything was finalized on Wednesday morning and this is what they had to say about the whole situation.

Coach K, who co-founded QC with Pierre "P" Thomas, said "P and I are ecstatic about this partnership with Scooter and HYBE and are confident they can get us to the global ambitions we’ve had in our scope since the beginning of our company as nothing means more than our artists impacting worldwide." 

"HYBE is the perfect partner for Quality Control as we come together to take our story and work globally. … Taking QC worldwide requires key partners like this who understand building something from the bottom and aiming sky high. It matters to us greatly their grasp of culture and acutely seeing what QC has built and the limitless path of where it can go. … The artists of QC are our focus and their best interests will be incredibly supported with this partnership." "I don’t usually post long notes but I recorded some thoughts tonight. There’s no value in separation. There is so much more value when people are working together and not hating and taking each other down. Especially when you come from nothing. Stop thinking people are selling OUT. Instead see people are selling IN and see that you are building something to create more for everybody. Black entrepreneurs are not getting these opportunities on a regular basis and they should be. Let’s stay inspired and celebrate the blessings and leveling up and breaking of barriers. Ready For The Next Chapter." Big up.



There is a lot going on at QC regardless of any business which is conducted. Offset is currently having an issue with J Prince offering his thoughts on Offset's alleged fallout with Takeoff and claimed Prince was being insensitive towards Takeoff's family. In response, J Prince claimed Quavo and Takeoff's family "don't really f*** with" Offset.

"This clown Offset suffering from being a fake motherf**** disease," J Prince said. "He wanna play the victim now, but he was a volunteer when he spoke threats about me and my family name in his mouth about what he gonna do. 'Why you didn't call me to talk' is the twist he wanna use. Tell lies in your woman's ear, n****. I don't have time to listen to weak s***. Now you wanna fake in front of a camera, trying to hide behind Takeoff's mother when I've shown nothing but respect for her and [her] family. See, boy, you acting like you're a part of a family that don't really f*** with you because you're a snake."

J Prince also alleged that he's helped Offset in multiple situations, including an altercation in Atlanta, Cardi B's "flu" dilemma, and a beef with Sauce Walka.

"Now you don't know me from a can of paint. Let me see if I can refresh your memory," Prince continued. "Remember we talked when you got your a** whooped in Atlanta? You forgot? Remember when you called upon me and I came to LA and met with you because you was nervous about your wife performing because she had them issues about using the word 'flu'? You forgot? Remember when you and Sauce Walka was beefing and you wanted me to stamp that bulls***? You forgot that too? I can go on, but I think you remember now."

J Prince Addresses Quavo/Offset Relationship 


J Prince also spoke on Offset's fallout with Quavo. He encouraged Offset to explain the "real reason" why he didn't join Quavo during his Grammy tribute to Takeoff. J Prince said that Quavo and Takeoff's family have distanced themselves from Offset because he's a "snake" and "tender d***" and then warned him that there are "consequences" for being at odds with him.

"See this is the reason I say blood make you kin and loyalty make you family because of motherf****** like you that have stuck a knife in the back of the ones you call your brother," J Prince said. "Explain since you're a real a** n****. Explain to the people the real reason why you weren't on that stage at the Grammys with Quavo, who you call your brother, for the tribute. You ain't man enough to do that because you what we call a tender d*** n****. Takeoff, Quavo, and the family wasn't f***** with you for a while before his passing and still don't f*** with you because you a rattlesnake n****. Quavo been letting you make it because he gotta good heart. It's consequences when you f*** with me. I don't have no heart for no snake, and I give you what you ask for. And by the way, I don't think I'm no John Gotti. That ain't who I looked up to. It's no secret who my OG is -- the flag you perpetrate with. Homie, you better go do what you do best. Write some rhymes and quit playing gangsta. I don't want no trouble, peace."

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