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The Bay Area is known for getting hyphy and violence. The tradition continued when Big Glo didn't perform and it left a concert promoter upset and fans in the crowd to overreact more. There is a video circulating on the internet with Glorilla getting water thrown on her like she's in a bad episode of Love & Hip Hop.

Everything happened Wednesday night at the New Karibbean City nightclub, and the video shows Glo and her team leaving the spot with her security as a drink lands right on Glo, who wasn't happy about the whole thing. One upset lady yelled out, "F**k you, bitch!!" ... before someone on Glo's team cools her off with a few splashes from her glass to return the favor. The promoter's name is Con B of Insomnia Entertainment and he feels as if he got stiffed in the whole deal. He is not taking responsibility for fans flipping on Glo ... but he did tell TMZ Hip Hop he paid an exec at GloRilla's record label CMG $30K to perform and is expecting a full refund. Glo has a different story and was never contracted to perform for that $30K -- a claim backed up by Yo Gotti after he got wind of the incident on social media. Glo is currently on tour and hit the Oakland club after her performance in San Fransisco which is right across the bridge.  



“F.N.F” has blown up GloRilla to stardom since it dropped last April. Yo Gotti did right by her and promoted her song to every radio station and social media outlet possible. The song was so big, it earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Performance of the year. She signed to CMG in July, and Yo Gotti partnered up with Interscope to release her EP Anyways, Life’s Great . . . in November. She has a different voice from the rest of the female rappers out there and is ready to shine. Memphis rapper GloRilla also performed live for the first time as part of Questlove’s legendary Hip Hop 50th Anniversary Tribute.

While at the Grammys, she was able to meet other people who inspired her on her way up, and one person, in particular, she was excited to meet was none other than the Queen Bee Beyonce herself.

 “I met Beyoncé bye !!!!!!! My life is COMPLETE,” she captioned the post. “I love you so much,” she told Queen Bey in the short video. GloRilla expressed her enthusiasm for the interaction on FB saying “I hugged Beyoncé. I’m never taking a bath again,” she said. “I’m finna get my 15-second conversation with Beyoncé tatted.” “Ahh! I’m still not over it,” she added.

Congrats to GloRilla for all of her success so far. 

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