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Well, I guess we know now why she hasn't been very visible lately as she prepared to have her first baby hubby with Xavier "Two" Lewis. Nautauri already has a 5-year-old daughter named Zuri and is very excited about everything. She said “I am looking forward to seeing this baby’s cute little face and how it will be the perfect blend between my husband and me,” the 37-year-old said. “My daughter is especially happy to be getting a younger sibling, so I’m excited to share this joy as a family.” “When I found out, I was shooting a movie and still on a high from my wedding, so it felt like the perfect way to start a new chapter with my hubby! I wrapped my two pregnancy tests in pretty tissue paper and put it in a cute little gift bag and told him I had a belated birthday gift for him,” Naughton said. “It was such a special moment.” 

“There’s so much more to learn this time around!” the actress said, in comparison to giving birth almost six years ago.“We look forward to bonding in a new way and actually applying our wedding vows on this journey to parenthood! This is Two’s first baby, so he’s extra excited to create another human,” Naughton told the mag. “Even though the many challenges that can occur with pregnancy, we want to push ourselves to be the best partners and the best parents we can be!”

The reason we keep calling her "Tasha" is because that is the role she is most known for and there is another backstory behind her whole pregnancy as well. Natauri was introduced to her husband by "Ghost" in real life. Yes, Omari Hardwick introduced the two and she later got engaged in December 2020. “For me, it was important to be cautious about sharing it, especially at the beginning of our engagement, so we could focus on that bonding time,” “Sometimes in the industry people put their opinions on things and make you feel like you need their opinion, and I don’t.”


So Angela Yee and Naturi’s former costars La La Anthony and Omari Hardawick were in attendance for her wedding which took place in Atlanta. “Now what are the chances of me catching the bouquet at @naturi4real & @twolewis_ beautiful wedding this weekend??” La La captioned a video snippet of the moment. “WE OOUTSIIDDDEEEEEE OR NAH? Somebody tell me what we doing?!!!!” 
It does seem like La La Anthony is ready to continue dating, but her son isn't having it. Lol. “He doesn’t like it,” she confessed. “And I’m like, ‘So you just want your mom to be alone forever?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, kind of.'”

“But anytime his friends want to go out and do something he’s like, ‘All right mom, bye, see you later. I’m going here,’ and I’m like, ‘You just leave me in a heartbeat, but you don’t want me to have anybody!'” she continued. “Me either!” the ‘BMF’ actress chimed in. “I feel like it’s my dad in the house or something. I’m sneaking [around], texting…this is crazy! Or he’s like, ‘Mom, let me see your phone real quick.’ Like for what? What do you need my phone for?” “People think I’m just out there, like, you can have any guy you want, but not really because the guys trying to talk to me are 21 to 22 years old,” she said. 

La La Anthony had to recently answer the rumors of if she is dating her co-star from the popular show "BMF." “No, I wouldn’t date a co-star,” she continued. “I think it gets complicated when you work with somebody and you’re in a relationship with them… It’s very hard to separate the two.” DaVinci who plays Meetch's brother said in regards to the rumors he ignores it and said  “I try not to really pay attention to it, honestly. I delete social media a lot… ’cause it’s too much.” It's a “very awkward” part of her profession.

“It’s ‘Stop,’ it’s ‘Go.’ It’s ‘Put your hand here, do this.’ It’s not just an ‘Oh, action, just do whatever you want.’ It doesn’t work like that. You also meet with the intimacy coordinator; you kind of walk through all the steps, like, ‘OK, I’m gonna put my hand here. Are you OK with that? I’m going to do this…’ It’s not how great people think it is.”

Da'Vinchi admitted, “I actually don’t like doing those scenes at all” before adding that he is, in fact, “highly uncomfortable” when he has to perform an intimate scene. “I think, at heart, I’m conservative… It doesn’t mirror me in real life,” he shared. “I’m conservative. I hold myself to a certain standard. I’m not just out here wildin’ out,” he added. La La co-signed his statement, noting that he originally did not want to do sex scenes but ultimately agreed because of his commitment to being a successful actor and thespian.

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