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Kodak seems to be one of the most intriguing rappers around. He's outspoken and always keeps a hit under his belt. It is so weird how he just keeps them slowly popping out (pause.) But seriously think about it, he started off as a kid with this knocking song out of the sticks literally out of nowhere called "No Flockin'" (which literally is what the article is about....smh.) He later pops out with "ZeZe", "Tunnel Vision," "Mopstick," (one of my personal favorites), "Water" (Drowning), "Walk", and of course one of his latest "Super Gremlin." Let's talk about his troubles though. Recently Kodak was arrested for not appearing for a scheduled drug test in early February and then later submitted a sample that tested positive for fentanyl, (smh...come on!) As the hearing was ending, Kodak Black thanked Judge Duffy and asked if he could have a Jolly Rancher from a bowl on the bench. Judge Duffy agreed even after violating his bond by having drugs in his system. Kodak Black then reached into the bowl, chose one of the candies, and removed the wrapper as he walked back to his seat in a calm manner. He then ate the Jolly Rancher with no problems. Lol. Talking about gangster? Enter "Ain't Worried About Nothing" by french Montana right about Kodak Black came to court wearing a bright, multi-colored suit. The judge ruled Tuesday that rapper Kodak Black enter a drug treatment program after his bond was revoked for failing a drug test while out on bond.


I've said this numerous times about this guy. He does so much for his community including giving air condition units to the elderly as well as paying the rent for over 28 families in West Palm Beach that were facing evictions. In January 2020, then-President Donald Trump did a three-year federal prison sentence for falsifying documents used to buy weapons. Kodak Black had served about half his sentence. For those of you who choose to base people's validity by music sales oh Kodak has sold about a light 30 million singles in his time. 

On a side note, Kodak Black spoke about a collab album with Drake in June 2022, saying they had already recorded a lot of music together. Kodak didn't seem too happy about Drake dropping an album with 21 Savage and even called him "little buddy" in an interview recently when asked about his collaborations. Partially Yak's feelings were off towards 21 because of a Verzuz that never happened between the two artists. Yak said “Me and Drake, we got so much music,” he said. “It’s really on, like, whenever bruh might feel like he be ready and stuff. Or when he be like, ‘We gon’ drop the album, we gon’ do this or we gon’ do [that].’ It’s really on him. We got a lot of songs, though.” “I had told Drake I don’t wanna do no collab,” Kodak said during a recent live stream. “No songs or no album. ‘Cause we supposed to done did a whole album before him a lil’ buddy.” “Before him and lil’ buddy did that shit,” Kodak continued. “I had told him I wanted to wait [until] like, 2023. Like, after February.” Kodak most recently hinted at a potential collab with Drake last summer while celebrating his Kodak Black Day music festival. Oh well, maybe they can figure it out sooner or later. 


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