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During Monday's episode of the ever-popular show "Undisputed," Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe spoke about Memphis Grizzlies superstar Ja Morant after his latest ongoing controversy. Ja Morant flashed a small handgun on Instagram Live while in a strip club having fun. During the conversation, Skip asked Shannon if Ja Morant is a Crip because of several hand gesture signs he's flashed before. Skip said, "Remember, he's thrown up the Crip sign... I've seen him throw it up two or three times. I've probably missed some other times." Skip then asked, "What does that mean? Does that mean he wants to associate with the Crips? Or did he get initiated by the Crips? Or does he have a dream of being a Crip? I don’t know. I'm just throwing this out. Are we missing the boat here that that's who he's been from the start and we keep saying no you're just associating with the wrong people when he's actually part of the wrong people?" Shannon then said to Skip, telling him, "You know what Skip? You and the people you talked to might be 100 percent correct, but that makes it even more egregious. Because you got that out of that." 



Let's talk about this. Ja Morant is probably from an area growing up where you had to prove your manhood and can't be soft. Either you roll with what's going on or get rolled over. Now, unfortunately, police in Colorado are investigating his actions which is causing controversy. The incident took place at a bar in Glendale, a small enclave surrounded by Denver known for its strip clubs and shopping centers. The department is investigating whether Morant broke any gun laws. The strip club's name is called "Shotgun Willie's" and what we do know is Colorado is an open-carry state. You can't carry a firearm on federal property or possess a firearm while under the influence of alcohol. NBA rules also prohibit a player from possessing a firearm while on team property or traveling on team business. Morant is currently away from the team as the NBA conducts its investigation. The Grizzlies have not given a definitive timeline for his return, and loss the Clippers without Morant playing. Smh.

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