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With the popularity of groups of the 90s and 2000s getting tv series and documentaries, why not Dipset? The Wu has an extremely successful show on Hulu called: "An American Saga." Jim Jones says he has something in mind for his early days with Dipset, which the hip-hop culture might find interesting. He quietly has hinted at a TV series that chronicles the early days of The Dips before they got big in Hip Hop.

Capo said he’s thinking about the idea of developing a Dipset series that would focus on the very early days. “You got a talk show, I’m about to give you the Dipset 5H TV series,” Jim told DJ Self. “I think I’ma do that ‘cause the shit that went on in 5H before we became the players we were, you n-ggas need to see.”He added: “We was reckless. Young, dumb, and stupid, but we were having a ball.” Cam'ron is the leader of the Diplomats and they were created in the mid-1990s and became extremely popular solo and as a collective, not to mention their iconic fashion and swagger. 

“They offered us deals before or offered me deals as well. I rather shoot it with my money, my way,” Cam said during a Q&A session with the media. “They’ll come to you like, ‘Yo, we’ll give you a percentage of the Diplomat movie.’ And I’m like, ‘Ok, what’s the percentage?’ And they’re like, ‘We’ll give you 10, 15 percent.’” He added: “How are you going to give me 10 percent of my story? That sh*t doesn’t even be making no sense to me sometimes. I’m like, ‘Aight, I’ll fund it and y’all take the 10 percent and do distribution.’ But they’re not used to n-ggas talking to them like that.”



Jim Jones said he was trying his best to help Max & Stack Bundles by getting them out of the hood and putting them in a house in New Jersey to concentrate on their careers. “For Stacks and them... I was about to buy Stacks, Max, and Melly [Mel Matrix] a whole brownstone in New Jersey,” he said around the six-minute part, as seen above. “None of them wanted to leave the hood. I was not about to waste my money. That was what I offered them, I went shopping for the shit and all that type of shit. … I’m like, ‘You’re bugging! You could go to the hood every day, but you’re gonna be living in Jersey. You’re gonna be living better. And you don’t have to worry about paying for no rent or nothing like that, I’m just tryna get you n****s out the hood.'” 

“None of these n****s would listen and everything that happened that, you know, can happen in the hood ended up happening. Everything to try to protect them for what I know could’ve happened to them," Jones continued. "I tried, ya heard? From getting all these n****s cars. … Everything you could imagine; private jets to Miami, hundreds of thousands in one weekend, two tall buses in Atlanta. You cannot front on how I had my boys moving.”

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