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Media outlets tend to ask celebrities what they think of current events, or in this case, newly released lists of singers of all times, and Chaka Khan got a little too loose and fell for the clickbait and made headlines as she dissed quite a few celebrity singers including Mariah and other singers you may know and love. In response to Carey coming in at No. 5, Khan jokingly alleged, “That must be payola or some sh*t like that.” She was equally stunned to learn Adele was ranked at No. 22, throwing her hands in the air, saying, “OK, I quit.” Chaka Khan praised artists such as Beyoncé and Aretha Franklin, who topped the list at No. 1. “As she f***ing should be,” Khan said of Franklin. “Thank you, there’s justice somewhere!”

Khan said some auto-tune users they shouldn't be singing and should get a job at the post office instead.  “There is some great stuff out there and there are some great artists.” “There are some very fine young artists out there doing great, great work that I am impressed with. But the others, they just need to get them a job at the Post Office – they are always hiring!,” she added, “People are using Auto-tune. They need to get to the Post Office quick.”


Singer Chaka Khan was upset at singers being placed above her in a list of the all-time greatest singers – now, she’s apologizing for the outburst. "Recently, I was asked about a list of the 'greatest singers of all time' and instead of questioning the need for such a list, I was pitted against other artists and I took the bait. As artists, we are unfairly put into ‘boxes’, ‘categories’ or on ‘lists.’  Being an artist or musician is not a competition.  It’s a gift, for which I am truly grateful. It was not my intention to cause pain or upset anyone. To anyone that felt this way, I sincerely apologize. Thank you for all the love everyone has shown me, unconditionally. I have always been about empowering others and I started a foundation for that very purpose. I will be announcing soon. Empowering all artists is most important because we truly are the architects of change...and change begins within the heart.   I love you all and God bless" - Chaka
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