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I personally know what it's like to be young, and energetic, without having the guidance to know where to put that energy as many children in urban areas face today. Many of us grow up wanting to be rappers, basketball players, etc when if we had the true guidance of someone to tap us on the shoulder and say "hey, you ever think about doing this?" I think many of our lives would have been altered for the better. Think about it, after school, mothers and fathers (if lucky enough to have both) are usually at work leaving the children with the house to themselves for the evening until the parents get home and that's when the mischief takes place. Going to a friend's house, wandering the streets and trains to release that "raw" energy when they could be developing the next FB or coding or even chatGPT. Just something to think about.

A video of a bunch of teens attacking a 15-year-old kid with glasses has sparked an NYPD hate crime investigation. The group yelled anti-Black slurs before brutally attacking the black defenseless boy in the Manhattan subway station on a crazy Friday afternoon. The video of the incident circulated on social media.
The black teen attempts to board the train while a young woman in a  sweatshirt forcefully pulls the teen off an A train. A large group of teens surrounds the teen and yell over and over “Get off” and “Ni***r Alert!!” They only picked on him because he was not part of the cool crowd. 


The teen tries to get back on the train, but the girl drags him off again, another teen throws a punch and then the group tackles him, the video shows. “Fight back” someone screams in the video. The teen finally tries to defend himself as he’s thrown onto a bench and his glasses are knocked from his face. The 15-year-old’s glasses were broken and he faced a few injuries. Police are taking the attack seriously and photos were released on Monday afternoon of three suspects wanted in connection to the attack. 


An activist/Comedian by the name of Rosemary Serevino had a ‘Call To Action’ rally yesterday (March 14th) outside of the 181st A train station where everything took place.  “It is sad to see all these things happening to our youth.” She wrote via Instagram. “I don’t know all the facts but what is clear is the youth is screaming for help. We need to listen to them and do something. The city is lacking so many programs.” she told PIX News 11. “We’re not for bullying.” This is exactly what I was saying earlier. There is a saying "An Idle mind is the Devils playground"


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