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Young M.A. had a bright future several years ago with her viral hit “OOOUUU” but has never recaptured the magic ever since. I think once you have at least one hit song, if you work the song right and it's deemed a classic, you will be straight for the rest of your life from shows and licensing the record to companies, etc, if you own the masters. Young M.A. was recently seen in a barbershop after not being in the public eye for a long time. She had yellow eyes and was slurring her words. We all know the look and it wasn't good. Her barber FatsDaBarber responded to the negative rumors concerning Young M.A’s health, assuring them they had nothing to worry about. 

FatsDaBarber wrote on his Instagram, “Y’all got so much to say as if I’m trying to embarrass my dawg,” he wrote. “She reposted my video if she didn’t want me to record she would have told me… What y’all need to do is just send your prayers for her and that’s that. She didn’t have a haircut in a month and she wanted me to bring her haircut back to life which I did!!!!!” 

Young M.A reposted his story, with a laughing emoji. She said “We blessed don’t let that get to u blooda. And I told you it was like 4 months.” Young M.A said “As many of my supporters know I’ve been dealing with various personal health issues the last few years. I recently was hospitalized and was successfully treated for several conditions. I’m doing better now, will take some time but I’m on the road to recovery and look forward to the future!!!” “Rest assured I’m in good spirits and everything will be explained in the MUSIC … plus a documentary. Love y’all MAB! Don’t worry I’m good!” Young M.A hasn't out out music ins two years, lets hope she can pull it together and get another one going.



Young M.A was kind of hated on by guys because she was the type of girl who would take your girl right from under your nose. Lol. I mean who would know what a woman ould want more than another woman, right? She used this to her advantage with her Brooklyn persona and kept a bag in her presence but obviously something personal is happening health wise and we wish her a speedy recovery. Her album, "Herstory in the Making", was released in September 2019 after gaining traction in 2016 when she released famous hits like Ooouuu, Hot Sauce, and Praktice.
Ooouuu became her first multi-platinum selling hit, with over 300 million YouTube views and a spot in the top 20 of the US Billboard Hot 100.

She then put out a capsule will be comprised of five exclusive NFT drops, released on Tuesday April 19th, which will give fans the chance to own exclusive artworks associated with the album such as personalized digital perks and rewards.“This debut NFT collection is a snapshot in time, highlighting and paying homage to some of my most meaningful achievements to this point of my career,” Young M.A. said. “It’s my story. My approach with merchandise aligns with my presentation of my artwork and visuals – confident. I enjoy taking on unique merch partnerships, diversifying past a standard T shirt or hoodie. This NFT collection continues down that line, which allows me to express myself for my supporters, who I call THE MAB, to truly be a part of my story. Expression through attire and accessories is vital in showing the world you’re riding with me, digitally and IRL.” We're not too sure whatever happened with this but hey, is what it is. 

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