Renee Gracie Looking For Return To The Track After OnlyFans Stint

Renee Gracie Looking For Return To The Track After OnlyFans Stint

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In 2023 you might see anything, and I mean anything. In this new era of social media influencers, who are all about how many followers they can accrue. Only fans which is an internet content subscription service that is used by mainly sex workers who produce pornography began in 2016, in London, England has also taken center stage. In fact, Renee Gracie a former race car driver, crossed over to that side not long after walking away from racing in 2017. Now, Gracie is looking to make a comeback.


The two-time Bathurst 1000 competitor is hoping to once again compete in the Race Down under, which is located in New South Wales, Australia. But not everyone is sold on Gracie’s intentions, including Supercars officials who believe her announcement is nothing more than a way of bringing attention to her OnlyFans page. 


“She is just using the sport to sell videos. It is not even worth commenting on because it is not going to happen, an official told The Daily Telegraph.


That isn’t gonna stop the dual-threat race car driver that now masquerades as an OnlyFans star. 


Documentary About Gracie’s Return?


Despite race officials not buying this at all, it’s being reported that Gracie will have a documentary about her surprise return to the track. 


Stan Sport will reportedly have a camera crew follow the now adult entertainer on her attempt  to return to her old stomping grounds. She’ll have to compete as a wildcard since she didn’t quality with an at-large bid. But that’s even more reason for the documentary which is gonna be titled …. Revealed: Renee Gracie to go off without any hiccups.


Cailah Scobie who’s the Stan Chief Content Officer, had this to say about the documentary.


“We can’t wait to work closely with Rush Films to tell Renee’s story and continue our dedication to produce bold, unique and investigative content, not seen on any other platform.”


Why Did Gracie Leave For OnlyFans?


When Gracie left Supercars she claims to have never made a single penny. The native Queenslander saw an opportunity to capitalize on her looks. Gracie says she made more than $500,000 in a single month back in 2020, which is highly plausible, and especially with the world on-hold as the COVID-19 pandemic dominated headlines daily. 


Gracie says she doesn’t have any regrets, and doing OnlyFans has actually set her up nicely as it pertains to her future.


“The position I am in now has set me up for life. I’m setting myself for an early retirement,” she said. 


“I cannot regret bettering myself and putting myself in that position.”


Gracie doesn’t feel bad about how she’s made a living over the last few years. She’s earned great and now she’s gonna give her passion of driving one more go. Is it a publicity stunt or is she serious, guess we’ll soon find out. 






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