Rapper Ja Rule Says Ja Morant’s Poor Decisions Have Been Influenced By Hip-Hop

Rapper Ja Rule Says Ja Morant’s Poor Decisions Have Been Influenced By Hip-Hop

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Memphis Grizzlies superstar Ja Morant has been in hot water since a video of him brandishing a firearm in a nightclub surfaced a few weeks ago. Since then the former Murray State Racers legend hasn’t played a single game with his team. And, while he returned to the team on Monday following a league-mandated suspension, per team officials, he won’t return to action until Wednesday at the earliest. 


Since Morant’s situation became a thing, many   have given their opinion on what could be at the root of it. Chicago Bulls guard Patrick Beverley recently said he believed hip-hop music played a role in Morant’s actions. The tenacious guard says he was influenced to do certain songs by different music.


Well, Beverley isn’t the only one who believes that, as rapper Ja Rule of “Holla Holla” fame seems to agree with Beverley. 


During an interview with TMZ Sports, Rule, who’s real name is Jeffrey Atkins, had this to say about Morant …. 


“Hip-hop is very influential,” Ja Rule shared. “I’ve done things in my youth because of hip-hop.”


“The thing with Ja… I just hope he has better people around him. To let him know that ain’t the way. Go play ball man,” he said. “The streets ain’t about nothing, man. Go grind on ‘em. Keep balling. That’s it man.”


Rule, an East Coast hip-hop rapper, was at times considered a hardcore, gangsta rapper with some of his lyrics. He’s from the streets and knows it’s nothing out there for Morant, who should take heed to his advice.


Morant Was Remorseful In ESPN Interview


Although Morant has been investigated by police three times in the last year, none were as serious as this incident. He shared how he knows he was wrong and let so many down including his family and teammates, and how he strives to be better because of that. In that sit down with ESPN’s Jalen Rose, Morant said this.


“The gun wasn’t mine,” Morant said. “It’s not who I am. I don’t condone any type of violence, but I take full responsibility for my actions.


“In made a bad mistake and I can see the image I painted over myself with recent mistakes,” he added. “But in the future, I will show everybody who Ja really is, what I’m about and change this narrative.”


Morant says the anxiety and stress got really best of him, and he’s taking the necessary steps to ensure he never makes such a boneheaded mistake again. 


Grizzlies Have Championship Aspirations But Not Without Morant


The young, tough and rising Grizzlies are currently tied with the surprising Sacramento Kings for second in the Western Conference at (43-27). But no matter where they finish, there’s no way they’re championship contenders without the supremely talented Morant. There are those certain media pundits who  love to look at the team’s record without their leader, which is 29-13 over the last two seasons, and say they can do it without him.


But they can’t, and they know it, as well as Ja knows it. Following Morant’s return to team activities on Monday, head coach Taylor Jenkins says his talented but mercurial star was himself in practice, and he told reporters the hope is that he’s cleared medically for Wednesday’s game against the Rockets.









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