NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal Alarms Fans With Picture From Hospital Bed

NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal Alarms Fans With Picture From Hospital Bed

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As many watched the final game of NCAA Tournamen’s second round, four-time NBA champion and “NBA on TNT” analyst shared a photo of himself in a hospital bed. Then on Monday TMZ, reported that the once-dominant big man underneath hip surgery to alleviate pain caused by the nagging injury. 


Per reports all went well and the former LSU Tigers legend is on the mend. There is currently no timetable as to when O’Neal will return to the set of the hit NBA show, but what’s most important is he’s gonna be okay. 


The caption in Shaq’s post read like this …


“I’m always watching @TurnerSportsEJ and @Candace_Parker miss y’all,” O’Neal wrote.  


Parker the WNBA and Tennessee Volunteers legend retweeted O’Neal’s photo with her caption reading …


“Love ya big fella.”


Former Indiana Pacers big man Roy Hibbert even chimed in on Shaq’s picture …,


“U good big man?”


O’Neal Recently Shed 40 Pounds In Effort To Get Healthier 


During his playing days O’Neal experienced some hip discomfort that forced the 51-year-old-bigger-than-life-personality to miss some time, but nothing to the point that it required surgery. 


That was then and this is now, and O’Neal who isn’t running up and down the court nightly anymore, recently opened about his body transformation. In a December interview with Entertainment Tonight, talked about his weight loss and why he felt the need to do so.


“I lost 40 pounds,” O’Neal told ET. “I need to

lose 20 more, but impressive. Imma get real chiseled and do an underwear ad with my sons.”


O’Neal Says Blood Work Opened His Eyes About His Health


Affectionately known as “The Diesel,” or “Superman,” O’Neal become business mogul in his life after basketball. With ownership in Papa John’s, Krispy Kreme, Auntie Annie’s, The Big Chicken Restaurant and a host of other business ventures, O’Neal is always on the move, making it easy to negate one’s health. Shaq also said that as an athlete he didn’t really pay close attention to how he ate, but at 51, that’s changed.


After getting some blood work done in late 2022, O’Neal decided it was time for a lifestyle change, something he also mentioned in his ET  segment. The focus he says was to eliminate bread and soda, and see how that would help. 


“The weight just fell off. I’m not 100 percent ninja mode yet. I’m still 75 percent,” the basketball legend told Entertainment Tonight. 


O’Neal also said taking 30 minute walks daily is a good way to begin a healthier lifestyle. An always candid and fun Shaq even has a goal in mind …


“I think I could get that Mark Wahlberg look,” he said. “I want to be known as the Black Mark Wahlberg,” he said with a smile. 


Shaq “Marky Marky And The Funky Bunch” O’Neal has a nice ring to it. 










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