ESPNs Richard Jefferson Says No He Didn’t Hit Chiney Ogwumike On The Backside

ESPNs Richard Jefferson Says No He Didn’t Hit Chiney Ogwumike On The Backside

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Richard Jefferson has become a mainstay on NBA Today with host Malika Andrews and co-host Chiney Ogwumike. The 17-year NBA veteran is usually providing quality analysis with the two, and from the looks of it they have a lot of fun and the respect is obvious. Well that was put to the test from an episode last  Thursday twhen a deceptive camera angle made it look as if, Jefferson had smacked Ogwumike on the backside following a segment. Sort of like the way players do on the football field after a great play. 


One week later it’s become a hot topic. Did RJ touch her inappropriately? 


The former Arizona Wildcats star took to his Twitter account to retweet the video and his caption read like this ….


God no … I like my job. I’m crazy, not stupid. Even though she did faked it.

Jefferson says he didn’t, and Ogwumike hasn’t come out and said he did, so from the look of it that was a strange camera angle. While it may have been in fun, I’m pretty sure Jefferson won’t play like that again.


In this era of “Me Too,” anything that resembles any sort of sexual advance, assault or harassment will be frowned upon until cleared. And from the vibes of those involved it was nothing at all, as Jefferson stated. 


Jefferson Has Been Involved In Twitter Battle With Paul Pierce


Fresh off the heels of this situation, Jefferson a former New Jersey Nets star has been going back-and-forth with the sometimes delusional Paul Pierce. During a recent appearance on the “KG Certified” podcast with good friend and former Boston Celtics teammate Kevin Garnett, Pierce was asked about Jefferson and his defense. Pierce’s comments were pretty blunt, straightforward and a tad bit disrespectful which Jefferson didn’t take a liking too. 


Pierce referred to Jefferson’s defense on him as “sweet.” With he and KG laughing about it, Jefferson chimes in and detailed his battles with Pierce, and he even has receipts. 


“Bro, we beat you 10 out of 11 times. We beat you three times in the postseason in the conference finals. There’s even a Christmas Day game here… we beat you by 40 in front of all of America, and I was the starting small forward… Now I’m not gonna sit up here and act like I was a better player than you, but to disrespect and say the s— was sweet. I think your definition of sweet is a little bit different,” Jefferson said. 


While RJ gave Pierce his props, he also said comparing himself to Pierce is like comparing Pierce to Dwayne Wade. That’s a shot to Pierce once claiming he had a better career than Wade, the three-time NBA champion, and arguably the third-best shooting guard to ever lace them up. 


Jefferson Has Become Pretty Popular At ESPN


Since he became an analyst at the network in 2019, Jefferson has been seen across multiple NBA shows and many games. His vast knowledge of the game having been a former player has been a welcomed addition for his fellow co-hosts and viewers alike. 


He’s also very opinionated, but usually has a fact or two support his argument. 






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