Shaq Says Pacman Jones Was Sticking Up For Him During 2018 Atlanta Airport Incident

Shaq Says Pacman Jones Was Sticking Up For Him During 2018 Atlanta Airport Incident

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NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is in recovery from hip replacement surgery, but that didn’t stop the big man from calling into “The Pat McAfee Show” to chop it up with good friend Adam “Pacman” Jones. During Thursday’s show, O’Neal, who scared fans all over when he posted himself in a hospital bed last weekend, called in to chime in on the 2018 Atlanta airport incident where Pacman Jones stood up for Shaq against an airline employee. 


The incident that took place in 2018, was Pacman Jones sleeping the employee after he attacked him first. But what we didn’t know is the reason for Pacman getting into it with the airport employee was because he disrespected O’Neal. Now that time has passed, the two can tell the story, with O’Neal telling the others this ….


“The statue of limitations is up,” Shaq said. 


“Remember when Pacman had that altercation in the airport? He was really sticking up for me,” O’Neal said. 


“Pacman just said, ‘Hey man, you don’t talk to Shaq like that,” Shaq said. “I had to get on my plane, and next thing I know, Pacman put them paws on ‘em.”


“You whooped dude’s ass because he was disrespecting me,” Shaq said. “I appreciate you very much.”


Pacman Put Self At Risk With History Of Legal Troubles


From 2005-2018 Jones enjoyed a 14-year NFL career, but it was often marred with legal troubles. Never one to back down from anything Jones name came up often in off-the-field legal happenings. His biggest incident being him inciting a melee at a Las Vegas strip club, which resulted in him being suspended for the entire 2007 season. Jones was also ordered to pay $11 million to the victims in the melee in a civil suit. 


There were numerous disorderly conduct arrests that followed, as well as an arrest in Ohio in 2021 for allegedly kicking and punching a person in the head until they were unconscious. 


In all Jones hasn’t always been the most clean-cut citizen, but his act of kindness following his career speaks volumes.


Jones Adopts Former Teammate’s Sons


Jones and late Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry were teammates, and very close friends   in Cincinnati and in college at West Virginia. Henry’s surprising and unfortunate death in 2009 stung Jones to the core, and he vowed to  help raise Henry’s sons. In 2021, Jones kept his word legally adopting both of Henry’s sons, who are now taking early college visits with offers in hand. 


It’s something Jones says he felt needed to be done, and he knows Chris Sr. would’ve wanted him to do. 




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