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We all know Cam'ron for throwing up his set which is the almighty Dipset which has been a staple in the New York music scene for over a decade and counting. Cam'ron was first discovered by Ma$e who brought him to Biggie Smalls, who partnered with Lance "Un" Rivera and the rest is history. During Cam'ron's early years, he was known in the streets and in college for playing basketball which made sense for the legendary rapper Cam'ron to continue his journey down this path. He was successful in music and movies, and now he can talk about what he knows as well as the music which got him into the spotlight.

It is a free show and is shown on Youtube and is co-hosted by Ma$e, which also makes sense because he was there for the start of his career as a rapper now transitioning to Sports talk-show host. When asked why a sports talk show, Cam'ron responded “I’m like, ‘I love sports and I need to be on television.’ People always offer me things to do on television. So I’m like, ‘Let me create my own show, not somebody giving me a show, and see how it goes. “Ma$e got me my first record deal, ever. So doing this show and creating this show and having him be a part of it, it felt like I’m giving back to him for helping me even be an entertainer.” “I may not have been where I’m at if [Ma$e] didn’t take me to Biggie Smalls [The Notorious B.I.G.] and get me my first record deal… I wanted to pay him back, and hopefully, this show will do that.”



In a recent spat with Joe Buddens, Cam'ron felt as if he was being taken aim at by Joe Buddens and Nore, who also went on to say “You know what’s crazy? I’m looking at these rappers trying shows now—you know, rappers from our era—and they are so failing,” N.O.R.E. said. “… They doing sports shows, they doing comedy shows. They talkin’ about, ‘Yo, I’m up. I’m just doing this for fun.’ No, you are not!”

Joe Budden said “It’s great to see people fail … You can’t take the blueprint and hire different contractors. They sellin’ ass out here, huh?” Cam'ron responded “Damn @therealnoreaga told you I couldn’t trust you. Lolol. Im just fucking wit ya,” “But what other rapper from the 90’s got the sports and cooking show? U know u my n***a for life. But ya man "hoe buddens" threw u under the bus on the very next episode said he didn’t know who u was talking bout. I don’t give a fuck how his numbers is N.O. Stay away from that crackhead!!!!” Good luck to all parties involved. To the public you're all in the same boat, rappers reinventing themselves which makes sense. 

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