Broncos Star Randy Gregory Disses Raiders Owner Marc Davis’ Carrot Top

Broncos Star Randy Gregory Disses Raiders Owner Marc Davis’ Carrot Top

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The rivalry between the Las Vegas Raiders and Denver Broncos runs deep. There is no shortage of love lost between the two bitter rivals. Over the years the vitriol has played on the field as the longtime AFC West adversaries have their two annual battles every season. What’s unique about this rivalry is even new players come in knowing their job is to hate the opposing team. 


That’s exactly what Broncos edge rusher Randy Gregory is doing, and this week he took a shot at the hairstyle of Raiders owner Marc Davis. During a media session this week, Gregory took aim at Davis longtime bold cut by saying this ….


“I don’t like the owner’s haircut, I don’t like the bowl cut … kinda pisses me off,” Gregory said.


Why is Gregory worried about the owner of thd Raiders haircut? 


He needs to be focused on staying healthy and having more than the two sacks he had in his first season with the Broncos in 2022. 


Broncos HC Sort Of Downplays Rivalry


Sunday’s matchup will be the first in the rivalry for first-year Broncos head coach Sean Payton who won a Super Bowl as head coach of the New Orleans Saints. But, Payton isn’t really allowing himself to get to caught up in the hoopla that is Raiders vs Broncos. During media availability last week, Payton said this.


“We look at them as divisional games,” Payton said. “I think of rivalries as college football, and then archrivals — I was asked that question a lot, relative to Atlanta and New Orleans — divisional games are different.


“The first goal is to find a way to win your division,” Payton said. “You play your divisional opponents twice. I can’t speak for rivalries. I just think that exists a little bit more in the collegiate game, and I think division games are important, yes.”


Raiders Lead All-Time Series 


The two franchises have played 125 times heading into Sunday’s tilt, with the Raiders leading (70-53-2) overall. Since they made the move to “Sin City,” they’re undefeated they haven’t lost to the Broncos. 


Sunday’s matchup should be good and testy. 





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