New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers Is Latest To Rave About What Deion Sanders Is Doing At Colorado

New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers Is Latest To Rave About What Deion Sanders Is Doing At Colorado

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This week New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers underwent successful surgery to repair his torn Achilles’ tendon. Rodgers was lost for the season after just four plays with the Jets on Monday Night. While his injury cast a dark cloud on the Jets Super Bowl aspirations, the four-time NFL MVP seems intent on getting back on the field in 2024, and shockingly even in good spirits. 


Friday, during a guest appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show,” from his home where he’s recovering, Rodgers talked at length about what Pro Football Hall of Famer is doing at Colorado. Rodgers with a big grin says he’s a huge fan of Coach Prime, and is enjoying watching this thing in Boulder come to fruition. 


Deion Made Rodgers A Believer


When asked for his thoughts on Deion, Rodgers laid it on the admiration kinda thick. 


“I’m a Colorado fan. I’m a big fan. I’m a big fan of what Deion is doing. And I’m a fan of the fact that they must be doing something right. Like Saleh said this: If there’s a lot of crows pecking and a lot of people s**t-talking, you must be doing something right.


“And they shut up the team that was in the national championship in week one. And then somebody in week two. And they shut them up, and then somebody else just said something in week three now, and they’re about to shut them up, too.”


Rodgers is correct the Buffaloes who were predicted to win three games can match that total with a win in the annual “Rocky Mountain Showdown.” This after wins over TCU and rival Nebraska. 


Rodgers Also Impressed With Shedeur And Travis Hunter


The superlatives from future Hall of Famer didn’t stop there as Rodgers also made mention of the two most talked about Colorado players


“Sanders played at Jackson State but he can’t play at big-time college football, right? He had 510 yards in Week 1. Come on. What are we talking about here? And the other kid that plays both ways? He’s incredible too.


That’d be the dynamic two-way star himself Travis Hunter who’s played over 96 percent of the total snaps in each of the first two weeks of the season. 


With their outstanding play, both players have firmly entrenched in the early season Heisman talk.










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