Colorado Two-Way Star Travis Hunter And Colorado State Player Henry Blackburn Who Injured Him Now Have Budding Friendship

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Colorado Buffaloes two-way star and 2022 No.1 overall recruit was injured during the team’s 43-35 win over the Colorado State Rams. The injury came as a result of a blatant late hit by Rams safety Henry Blackburn. Hunter left the game, and was taken to a nearby hospital where he found out he had a lacerated liver. The injury forced Hunter to miss the team’s blowout loss at Oregon last week and will likely keep him out a couple more games as he heals.


In wake of Hunter’s injury, Blackburn the culprit in this matter received death threats amongst other things. Colorado head coach Deion Sanders quickly defended Blackburn and told anyone doing something like that should be ashamed of themselves. Hunter, has never laid blame on Blackburn, and to show that he has no hard feelings towards him, he even met up with him. 


YouTube Channel Vibes


If there are still some folks upset about the incident, Hunter and Blackburn aren’t in that majority, in fact they’re good, and they displayed it during a meetup on Hunter’s YouTube channel. 


Hunter spoke first saying this during the 19-minute video. 


“For the people that love to see negativity, this ain’t a negative video,” Hunter said. “It’s positive. Ain’t nothing but positive this way.”


From the onset Hunter has never displayed any malice towards Blackburn for injuring him, and now the two have a new friendship. 


“I feel like if that didn’t happen, we wouldn’t be here right now,” Hunter said. “So, it’s a blessing that, that happened. Now, we can show people the other side of football. Football is just a game at the end of the day. We’re the people that play it. We’re going to get hurt eventually.


Blackburn then apologized, and thanked Hunter for being so forgiving and mature.


“You know I never meant to hurt you,” Blackburn said. “I appreciate how you handled it too. A lot of people would be like (blank) that kid’ and have hatred. You just handled it in a mature way.”


As far as the death threats go, Blackburn says he was never worried about him, but his family, mainly his mom and two little sisters who are in elementary school. 


Coach Prime Raves About Hunter Again


You talk about taking the high road, but Hunter’s coach, Deion Sanders says this is who Hunter is. During an appearance on FS1’s “Undisputed” who was on the Boulder campus Friday, Sanders gave his two-way star all the credit for the meet up and subsequent newfound friendship. Sanders says he has nothing to do with it, and Hunter’s maturity allows him to “understand the bigger picture.”


“I had nothing to do with it and loved it because, honestly, that’s who he is,” Sanders said. “You talk about the kindest, nicest kid. No smoking. No drinking. All he want to do is spend time with his girlfriend and fish and put onesie.”


“You don’t worry about his grades,” Sanders said. “You don’t worry about his conditioning. He’s really a good kid. He’s a great young man that wants to just rescue his family for their rest of their lives. When I saw that, when I read it, I was like wow, that was wonderful.”


Character goes a long way and Travis Hunter has it in abundance. 


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