Chiefs All-Pro DL Chris Jones Reveals Why He Once Held Resentment For  Bengals QB Joe Burrow

Chiefs All-Pro DL Chris Jones Reveals Why He Once Held Resentment For Bengals QB Joe Burrow

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It’s no secret that the Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals don’t like one another. The two AFC powers have faced off in the last two AFC Championship games with each winning one. The only difference is when the Bengals won in 2021-22 they lost the Super Bowl to the Los Angeles Rams. When KC pulled out a tough hard fought AFC title game last season, they followed it up when a Super Bowl win over the Philadelphia Eagles. 


The epic battles have made the rivalry one of the best in the league in a short timeframe. With rivalries come plenty of vitriol, disdain and downright dislike for one another. While, we’re not saying that’s how Chiefs All-Pro defensive lineman Chris Jones feels about Bengals star quarterback Joe Burrow, but he did hold a grudge against Burrow.


Did Someone Say Cartier Glasses? 


During a recent appearance on teammate Travis Kelce and his brother Jason (Eagles center) “New Heights” podcast, Jones explained why he held some sort of resentment towards Burrow. It stems from the 2022 AFC Championship game when Jones failed to make plays against the  former Heisman Trophy winner and 2020 No.1 overall pick. Plays, which in many ways kept the Chiefs from going to the Super Bowl.


When asked which of his two Super Bowl wins meant more to him, Jones says the latest one for reasons that include Burrow. 


“I think the last one personally. Because, the year before that, we played the Cincinnati Bengals and I f—ng missed Joe Burrow twice. And, he posted a picture talking about Cartier glasses, I can’t even see, look at you. And the picture was f—ng of me diving looking like a goofball Jamal diving for his ankles.”


Jones did his revenge in this past season’s championship game, by getting two sacks including one that setup the Chiefs game-winning field goal. 


He also mentioned that he had his trainers paint Burrow’s face on the QB dummies that he used to work on moves in preparation for the season. 


Jones Held Out Until Week 2 Of Season


Hoping for a new deal, Jones held out all of the season, and even missed the season opening loss to the Detroit Lions. With KC not budging much on their offer, the two sides came to an agreement on one-year deal prior to Week 2, and while it wasn’t what either side wanted it gets the Chiefs best defender on the field and he’s no longer being penalized for missing time. 


The two teams face one another on New Year’s Eve, and it could be a prelude to a third consecutive championship game matchup.

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