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After thirty years a gang leader who has been speaking candidly about the incident has been arrested for the murder of Tupac Shakur. Duane “Keffe D” Davis has long been known to investigators as one of four suspects identified early in the investigation. He isn’t the actual accused gunman but was described as the group’s ringleader and put the hit out to kill Tupac. Las Vegas is where the murder occured and therefore it is where the incident was charged. For many years Orlando Anderson has been speculated to have been involved with the murder as well. According to the internet, the two are related. Davis was a leader of the South Side Compton Crips gang when he planned his revenge against Shukar, police said. In 2019, he released a tell-all memoir called "Compton Street Legend." Kefe D is also known for Vlad interviews and has been speaking to Vlad about the very same shooting for years and it all has been under our nose but the case seems to all have been under our nose for the longest time. Kefe D was allegedly also running a multimillion-dollar drug empire nationwide.




“Duane Davis was the shot caller for this group of individuals that committed this crime,” said Las Vegas police homicide Lt. Jason Johansson, “and he orchestrated the plan that was carried out.” Tupac was legendary in his own right. He loved New York for all of the action and even named himself MC New York at one point but after being shot on an elevator in Manhattan on his way to see his friends Biggie and Lil Cease he was out for revenge and made the infamous album entitled "Makaveli: the 7 day theory." Now Tupac is celbrated along with Biggie and Bob Marley and can be seen as a heavy influence for the culture as he released songs for women, songs with messages, party songs and black militant songs earlier on in his career. Rest in Peace and hopefully this brings a bit of justice to the Shakur family members still alive to this day. Rest in Peace Tupac.


Funkmaster Flex said Jada Pinkett is the worse type of woman because she said now we can get some justice for the killing of Tupac. Smh. She has no idea how bad she looks as a married woman always talking about her old romance and friend. Flex said "Stay focused on Will! He's alive and here!”


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