Charles Barkley An Auburn Alum Says He Doesn’t Hate Alabama, Just Their “Obnxious Fans”

Charles Barkley An Auburn Alum Says He Doesn’t Hate Alabama, Just Their “Obnxious Fans”

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NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley is no stranger to viral takes. Known for his brash , straightforward and very in-your-face approach, the NBA legend turned “Inside The  NBA” on TNT analyst has never been afraid to speak his mind. Barkley, the Auburn alum, has plenty of disdain (not hate) as any War Eagle fan or former player would  for the archrival Alabama Crimson Tide. 


Per Sir Charles himself, the dislike isn’t for the program, he has plenty of respect for what they’ve done, and of course for the architect of it all Nick Saban. Barkley’s issues lies with the fan base whom he really does hate. During an appearance on “The Next Round” podcast late last week, Barkley talked at length about the Crimson Tide’s fans and how spoiled they are. 


Barkley Isn’t The First To Call BAMA Fans Annoying 


“I really don’t hate Alabama. I just want to hear them. I hate their fans because they’re obnoxious. They lost two games last year, and it was like, ‘Kill us now. That’s the end of the world. Then after the loss to Texas, it was like, Oh my God.


“”You got the greatest coach ever. They are a bunch of ungrateful brats. That’s the only thing I hate about Alabama. Listen. Alabama’s a great program. I have a lot of friends that played there. You know how much love and respect I have for Coach Saban, but I just hate their fans because they are obnoxious and entitled.”


Barkley has a point, since the aforementioned Saban arrived in 2007, the team has won six national championships, while playing for three more. No other team has won more than two during that same timeframe, so losing isn’t something BAMA fans do well. 


Barkley Wanted Deion Sanders At Auburn 


In an effort to thwart some of the Crimson Tide’s success, Barkley did all he could to convince his alma mater to hire Colorado head coach Deion Sanders. During a stop by the “The Dan Patrick Show” on Friday, Barkley once again let it be known that he pushed for the Pro Football Hall of Famer to stalk the sidelines down on the plains. 


“I made it publicly and privately known that I wanted Deion. That’s all I could do. I really wanted Deion at Auburn, because I think wherever he goes he’s going to be successful. He’s just that great of a coach and a person.”


Auburn hired Hugh Freeze and Barkley say’s he’s good with that. 


Deion on the other hand has turned Colorado into the epicenter of college football in just ten months. 


Barkley also said he’s not surprised with what Sanders is doing at Colorado because “he has the it factor.” 






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