Popular blogger Tasha K is already in hot water with a female rapper allegedly trying to take everything from her after winning her case against the blogger for disrespecting her. Journalism must be done with integrity. Even my journalism, I never go for sensationalism, I always aim for the facts of the story and STILL enter the word "allegedly" because guess what? I wasn't there! And to get even deeper, I barely care! But the reason I do have interest in this culture is a few very serious personal reasons. The main reason being is I am truly in love with the hip-hop culture I grew up around in Queens. From going to the park as a kid seeing the Lost Boyz in their fatigues and boombox radios and Adidas to remembering Fredro from Onyx giving me a haircut while dancing around the barber shop called Nu-Tribe by Gertz Mall. It is the culture which you had to experience. Going Uptown to Willie Burgers, being at the Tunnel with 15 of your boys and everybody ready for whatever, and seeing everyone from Busta to Mary J at the bar just chilling getting a drink, it's stuff I couldn't make up. My personal story with the culture is even deeper than that, but hey we got a story to get to right? Soooo fast forward twenty years later and the internet being the latest sensation and clickbait ruling the world for attention,


To be honest guys, integrity can be boring right? So that is the reason bloggers like Tasha K stick their neck out and do "allegedly" wild things to break information first. Well known Pedophile R. Kelly is sitting in jail for a very long time because of many victims coming forward, but now it is being reported another lawsuit is being filed against the federal Bureau of Prisons for allegedly leaking his prison emails and call logs to blogger Tasha K regarding R. Kelly's personal business. 

They are saying a Bureau of Prisons agent illegally accessed R Kelly's digital prison records and sold them to Tasha in 2019. Now R. Kelly is saying she created chaos in plaintiff’s "personal life.” The leaks left R. Kelly fearful because he knew it could be “released to the general public for mass exploitation.” I think at this point, R. Kelly has been crucified enough and will be sitting in jail long enough without having to be stomped on further while in jail by bloggers trying to get a rise out of a guy already down. R. Kelly seriously played himself and we ALL know that but to dig into his records looking for even more dirt when he is getting out no time soon is definitely doing a bit too much shorty.