The Demise Of Russell Wilson Were Greatly Exaggerated | Broncos QB Showing Rebirth After Down 2022 Season

The Demise Of Russell Wilson Were Greatly Exaggerated | Broncos QB Showing Rebirth After Down 2022 Season

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The Denver Broncos began the 2023 season under first-year head Sean Payton (1-5) the team has embarked on a three-game winning streak which includes wins over the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills. At the forefront of the turnaround has been the Broncos oft-maligned defense early on and quarterback Russell Wilson, whom many were calling washed after last year. This season, Wilson, former Seattle Seahawks legend has looked like the guy who led the Hawks to eight playoff appearances in ten seasons. 


Even in the team’s early season struggles this year, Wilson was a bright spot. Now, with the win streak going, Wilson has been even better, and looks nothing like the quarterback who struggled mightily in 2022. Amidst Wilson’s struggles he was often called out by analyst and media pundits daily, in some cases he was even being called the worst blockbuster trade in league history. ESPN’ Stephen A. 


Smith led the charge on many Monday mornings after NFL Sundays, and for that Wilson’s teammate is calling for Smith and others in the media to apologize to Wilson for their past comments.


Sutton Post Apology Form To Instagram


Following the Broncos huge road win at the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night, Sutton posted a form that read “Russell Wilson apology form, to his Instagram. This was in response to all those who believed Wilson’s best days were behind him. Friday, on ESPN’s First Take, Stephen A. Smith took some time during the show to address the situation.


“I got mad respect for him Sutton, but shut the hell up with that nonsense,” said Smith. “Did you watch the team last year? If anything, Russell Wilson owes all of us an apology for putting forth the year that he put forth that put everything into question.” 


Smith is speaking of Wilson’s lackluster 16 touchdowns and 11 interceptions in 2022, and the teams (5-12) record. Smith then proceeded to shred Sutton and the Broncos for their effort in 2022. 


“You embarrassed yourself. You embarrassed the city of Denver. You embarrassed the the history of the Denver  Broncos organization, “chided Smith. “You brought it on yourself.”


The 2022 Broncos were absolutely dysfunctional, and that led to the firing of then first-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett after just 15 games with a (4-11) record. This year under Payton it’s been a much better product and Wilson has been the catalyst. 


Wilson Leading The Way


This season Wilson has 18 touchdowns and just four interceptions, looks more like the guy who doesn’t turn the ball over. In the last three games he’s got six touchdown passes and zero interceptions. But, as far as wanting an apology for folks saying things that were truthful is weird. The contract that Wilson signed when he came over in the trade opens the door for criticism when he isn’t playing well. 


Sutton shouldn’t expect anyone to apologize for giving their opinions on Wilson’s play. His turnaround this season should be enough to get folks to keep quiet. 


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