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As much as Carmelo Anthony and wife La La want the issue to dissappear, the former NBA star has a daughter out there, but apparently he's not acknowledging her or developing any sort of relationship with the girl. He's playing it close to his family, cutting the checks and acting as if everything is normal as he tries to find an NBA team in need of his services. 


The baby is an unfortunate product of infidelity and while Carmelo is very active in the life of the son he has with La La, his other baby moms Mia Angel Burks was asked on IG whether or not Melo is in her baby's life and she replied, "No."

Melo seems to still be very angry at Burks for having the child, which temporarily destoyed his marriage to Power star La La. 

Back in November, when the rumors became public fact, Mia Angel Burks posted a screenshot calling out Carmelo for being nasty via DM's, calling her daughter names, and clearly crossing the line.  

Calling me out of my name and disrespecting me is one thing, i can handle that-- that's water under the bridge, but calling my daughter disrespectful names like a "bastard child" and telling me "F*ck that baby" all in my DM's is crossing the line. her father may not defend her, but I will til' the end. She didn't ask to be here and it doesn't matter how she got here, she's here. if you don't want to see her, stay off my page. she-ain't-go-in-no-where-she-ain't-going-nowhere. 

Sounds like a real THOTish situation Melo got himself into, but now that he's still refusing to acknowledge it, he's losing some female fans along the way. 


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