Rapper Nipsey laying the smack down!?

Rapper Nipsey laying the smack down!?

Richard Da Fo To Grapher /  Gossip & News   /   Jun 25th, 2018   /   0 COMMENTS

On Sunday evening, fans outside the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles witnessed an old-school definition of “laying the smack down." Rapper Nipsey Hussle was caught on video slapping a parking lot employee moments after a heated disagreement with the rapper’s bodyguard. 

TMZ reported the incident began when Hussle wanted to move orange cones so he could park his car in a restricted area. The rapper was running late for a rehearsal of his pre-show performance for the highly-anticipated awards show. Hussle’s bodyguard insisted that he grabbed the cone from the area where he was not allowed to be in. Tensions flared as the parking lot employee decided to smack the cone out of the bodyguard’s hand. This action led to the Crenshaw rapper delivering a thunderous smack to the employee’s face which led to Hussle being restrained by another security employee.

Fans were able to catch footage of the altercation as Nipsey continue to proceed to the stage and act as if nothing occurred.

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