Celtics Head Coach Ime Udoka Expresses Frustration With Texas Elementary School Mass Shooting

Celtics Head Coach Ime Udoka Expresses Frustration With Texas Elementary School Mass Shooting

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Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka has done an amazing job in his first year as an NBA head coach. He’s guided the Boston Celtics to their 22nd NBA Finals and first since 2010. He’s done by holding players accountable and putting the onus on them to play the right way and for one another. As his Celtics were in the heat of battle in a roller coaster seven game series against the Miami Heat, a mass shooting at an elementary school in Texas that left 19 children and two teachers dead. Following his team triumphant win, Udoka put things into perspective about the state of the world. 

In his postgame presser Udoka has this to say.


“You sit back and think about 19 children and two adults who don’t get that, that’s life or death, that’s real. That’s something that I don’t want to be forgotten … it just happened a week ago, and it seems to be pushed out of people’s memory already.”


Udoka who has a ten-year old son with actress Nia along, knows that could’ve been his own son and he doesn’t want people just moving on as if this is a normal way of life. 


In that moment he also showed that there are things which are bigger than sports. 


He and several other coaches and played pinned heartfelt messages and pleas to do something about the loose gun related laws and regulations in the United States. 


Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Shared Those Same Sentiments:


Udoka spoke following Sunday’s game, but Warriors head coach Steve Kerr spoke shiny prior to his team taking the floor for their Game 5 matchups with the Mavericks. The tragedy occurred just hours before the teams took the floor in Dallas, and happened just about five hours outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area of Texas. 


Kerr displayed a level passion, frustration, sadness and empathy that you rarely see him coach with ….


 “I’m fed up. I’ve had enough. … I want every person listening to this to think about your own child or grandchild or mother or father, sister, brother. How would you feel it that happened to you today?”

Kerr And Udoka Will Lock Horns In NBA Finals:


The coaching matchup between these two will be fascinating and will stretch farther than ax’s and Os. Kerr has been here before winning five titles as a player and three as a coach. His acumen for the moment is top notch and may be the best in the league. He let’s his players play and isn’t afraid to play his younger players at all. As for Udoka and the Celtics they’ve been battle-tested in this Celtics run. They won’t be afraid of the GSW dynasty that they’ll be pitted against, but no other team they’ve faced during this run could lay claim to titles, playoff pressure and championship DNA like the Warriors. 

Kerr is looking for title No.4 and Udoka is looking to become the fourth coach to win their first title in their first try since 2015. If he does he’d join the aforementioned Kerr, Tyronn Lue and Nick Nurse.

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