“My Biggest Regret Is I’ll Never Get To See Me, Antonio Brown, Play A Game Live” | Former NFL Player Turned Antonio Brown Reshares Meme About Him

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Once again the mercurial and attention seeking Antonio Brown is in the news. And this time is isn’t for his performance at Rolling Loud   Miami or him undressing to leave the field during the game. This one was him resharing and retweeting a meme that was made to be funny, and it was, but the expectancy wasn’t him retweeting it. 


The meme was titled Antonio Brown’s “biggest regret was posted earlier this week, and when AB retweeted it his post received 51,000 likes.


“My biggest regret in my career doesn’t involve  calling a GM a (expletive), or showing up to Raiders’ camp late in a hot air balloon with frozen feet, or throwing rocks at that UPS driver. It definitely doesn’t involve taking my shirt off and doing a victory lap around the Jets’ stadium mid-game while throwing up the deuces.”


The meme continued ….


“My biggest regret is that I’ll never get to see me, Antonio Brown, play a game live. Sure, I can watch the game afterwards, but I can’t imagine what that was like for you all to see something like that. Like watching the Beatles or Jesus perform at Red Rocks.”


Bring caption the meme with ….


“Sincerely AB.”


Only Antonio Brown would take a meme like that about him and be willing to repost it and get over 50,000 likes. Brown for all his talent on the field, was a cancer to the locker rooms he entered. His last sideshow which is mentioned in the meme, him undressing and leaving MetLife Stadium during the game in January was probably the last strike for Brown. Who although still extremely talented and capable is just too untrustworthy for a team to be willing to take that risk considering the stunts he’s pulled over and over again. 

Brown Thinks Really High Of Himself: Jesus Comparison Could Have Validity


During his NFL career Brown was arguably the best receiver in the league for the better part of five to six seasons (2013-18). Brown’s me over team attitude led him to burn bridges on Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay, two of the better run franchises in the league. When Brown appeared on the hit podcast “The Pivot”, co-host and his former teammate in with the Steelers, Ryan Clark says AB thought he was whole team. Brown debunked that notion saying they were hatin’ on him for getting the bag and torching them in practice daily. Based on AB’s past infractions something tells us that Clark is speaking the truth, and as he stated Brown has long been in his own world. 


A world that now has him running around with rapper/fashion mogul Kanye West, after being named President of Donda Sports. He’s also rapping now as evidenced by his aforementioned at Rolling Loud, as he pranced around the stage to chants of “do your thing AB.” 


Brown Was On Hall of Fame Trajectory: Will His Behavior Keep Him Out?


Brown was no doubt headed to Canton, and then he started freaking out. Brown’s six-year run of at least 105 receptions, 1,300 yards and eight touchdowns was a straight line trajectory to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But let’s not forget a lot of the voters are old school and they made Terrell Owens wait a couple years because of his antics, even though he was a shoe-in first ballot selection. And he didn’t do half of what Brown has done. 


If we’ve seen the last of AB on the gridiron, don’t worry something tells me he’s just getting started in his next life. 








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