“How Are They Gonna Let Him Play? I Don’t Get That” | YouTube Sensation Jake Paul Gives His Take On The Deshaun Watson Situation

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Cleveland Browns star quarterback Deshaun Watson has been levied an 11-game unpaid suspension, plus a $5 million fine for his role in sexual misconduct allegations from 30 different women. In a case that’s dragged on since March of 2021, arbitrator Sue Robinson originally gave Watson a six-game suspension, as she stated his crimes were non-violent. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL appealed her ruling instantly, and came to the new suspension. The situation has had many different people give their opinions with some believing it was justified and others believing the first punishment levied would’ve sufficed. 


YouTube sensation turned celebrity boxer, Jake Paul, is someone who recently gave his opinion on the matter. During an episode of his BS with Jake Paul podcast, Paul brought the subject up with new Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill as a guest and his co-host DCUT there as well. 


Tyreek Hill Won’t Take Deshaun Watson Bait:


Paul first tried to Hill’s opinion on the matter, but Reek quickly shutdown any chance of him speaking on it by saying.


“I ain’t speaking on that, alright.”


That didn’t stop the others from chiming in on it ….


Paul went first saying …


“Deshaun Watson bro. What are you doing? How are they going to let him play? I don’t get that.”


DCUT responded to Paul, and defended Watson’s right to play again. 


“No, he deserves to play bro. That’s all I’m saying. We ain’t going to talk about it, though. So let’s just cut that. Let’s cut that conversation. You see…”


Paul continued to ramble on, hoping to keep the argument going.


“You see the Jaguars? What were they saying?  Like a sicko or something? You sick f**k, you sick f**k? They were chanting like. You sick f**k! when he took the snap. WoW


Paul continued, even insinuating Watson made

need a male massage therapist from now on.


“Do you think Deshaun Watson will need a male therapist from now on? Does Deshaun Watson have to have a male massage therapist and like a nest camera?”


Paul seemed like he was trying to be serious, but this was all about joke time at the expense of Watson. It could also be viewed as insensitive to the alleged victims as well. 


Watson’s Situation Hurts Browns Chance At Super Bowl: 


Watson being suspended throws a monkey wrench into the plans of the Browns who really believe they have a Super Bowl-ready roster with Watson under center. That now becomes a wish, unless Watson can find lighning in a bottle. By the time he returns it will be over 700 days since he last played in a meaningful football game. That’s a lot to ask for anyone, but especially a quarterback who needs to develop timing and trust with his receivers and offensive line. 


Now the Browns will ask two journeymen to lead the way in Jacoby Brissett and Joshua Dobbs, not exactly guys you wanna go into battle with long term. The Browns hope is they can keep the ship upright and hopefully be somewhere like (7-4) or (6-5) when their star signal caller is eligible to touch the gridiron. 


Then he can start earning that massive, five-year and $230 million fully-guaranteed contract he signed after being traded in March.

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