“I Don’t Watch Basketball Because Bleeping James Harden DM’d My Girl” | YouTuber SteveWillDoIt Says He Hates Basketball Because Of The Former NBA MVP

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The NBA season is over and most NBA players are enjoying their offseason before heading to training camps later this month. One player who’s been busy is Philadelphia Sixers star guard James Harden. The former Arizona State Sun Devils star has been seen on trips overseas, at concerts with his bestie rapper Lil’ Baby, and hanging with former two-time teammate Kevin Durant.


In between all his hanging, Harden has also been working, if pictures are correct Harden looks to be in arguably the best shape of his career. But that’s not all the guy formerly known as “the beard,” has been up to. He also reportedly has been in the DM’s of other guys girlfriends. In fact, the boyfriend has had enough and he says Harden is the reason he hates the NBA. 


Steve Deleonardis aka SteveWillDoIt Calls Out Harden For DM’ing GF:


During an appearance on the “Bradley Martyn” podcast, Deleonardis let loose on Harden, while swearing continuously. 


“I don’t really watch basketball. I don’t watch basketball cause f— in James Harden DM’d my girl, so that f—in ruined basketball for me.”


Podcast host Martyn laughed uncontrollably, before responding with. 


“Wait, wait, wait, wait!”


F—k that s—t, dude, I’m not watching basketball,” an angry SteveWillDoIt said. 


Martyn interjected again sounding as if he was in disbelief … with, “Wait, wait, wait!


“NBA…. James Harden DM’s my girl, so you lost me. I’m not watching that s—t. F—k that s—t.”  SWDT responded again. 


Martyn still trying to fathom what he is hearing  said this in response.


“They lost your support because James Harden DM’d your girl?” 


“I don’t f—k with basketball.” SWDT replied again. 


Martyn wanted to know to what extent did Harden reach out to his GF. 


“What did he say? Do you know what he said? This is actually really funny.”


“I don’t know.” SWDT replied. 


“Was he like what’s good?” Martyn asked. 


“F—k, maybe she messaged him back! I don’t know!” SWDT replied again. 


“Was he like come to the game, I’ll do a step back on you or what?” Martyn joked. 


Maybe she did respond and maybe she didn’t, either way SteveWillDoIt is highly agitated that Harden reached out to his girlfriend, Celina Smith. 


Harden Takes Smaller Contract: Throws Birthday Cake Into Ocean: 


The Sixers are hoping to make a run to an NBA title, and in order to do so they’ll need Harden at his best. During the offseason Harden has re-dedicated himself to getting into top shape. He also took a two-year, $68 million extension from the team, in a sign of good faith that he’ll get a bigger deal down the line. It was a move that allowed the team to make some upgrades to the roster, one piece being the gritty PJ Tucker, Harden’s good friend and teammate in Houston. 


Harden is also so focused on his fitness he even tossed his birthday cake into the ocean while on a boat celebrating. 


That and DM’ing other guys girlfriends has been Harden’s eventful offseason. He joins Niners wide receiver Deebo Samuel in DM’ing YouTuber’s girlfriends. Samuel reportedly did the same thing to Jake Paul’s girl.

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