Coach Prime Reiterates Dislike For Football Classics That His JSU Tigers Partake In

Coach Prime Reiterates Dislike For Football Classics That His JSU Tigers Partake In

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Ever since his arrival at Jackson State, Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders has tried to against the norm. One thing he’s made a sticking point is trying to get his team out of the classics they currently play in. Those are the “Orange Blossom Classic” versus FAMU, the “Southern Heritage Classic” versus Tennessee State and the “Gulf Coast Challenge” versus Alabama A&M. Sanders is of the mindset that those games don’t do much for his program or Jackson State as a whole. In fact, Sanders has said this will the las time his JSU Tigers make the trip to Memphis for the “Southern Heritage Classic.” Sanders says it isn’t beneficial from a revenue malign standpoint to play that game anymore. 


During Monday’s SWAC coaches teleconference, one day after his team’s (59-3) dismantling of the FAMU Rattlers, Coach Prime talked in depth about what he means when he says those games take away from the Tigers. Sanders also discussed the troubling water crisis in Jackson, and how imperative it is to get that rectified as soon as possible. 


“Vital. Shoot, we don’t have a home game if we don’t. We’re already giving away three games to these dern Classics, which I don’t like. 


“We’re gonna give away three home games which I don’t like. This could be three home games. That’s more revenue for this team, this school, this community, all of us. I don’t even want to go into that. It’s vital we play at home. Like Dorothy said on ‘The Wizard of Oz’ there’re no place like home. Didn’t she? We love playing at home.”


Sanders has been advocating to stop playing in the Classics, and JSU even took it as far to cancel the “Southern Heritage Classic” this year, only to be sued and pretty much forced in to not breaching the contract.


Sanders Tells The Undefeated They Just Aren’t Beneficial To JSU:


In February, Sanders told “The Undefeated” the classics weren’t beneficial to JSU. The Tigers attempted to end the 28-year relationship, with three years left on the contract. 


“These classics aren’t beneficial for us. Th fans can kick and scream all they want, but they have to understand we’re doing business in the SWAC. 


“Wherever we go to play, we’re the draw. Wherever we go to play, it’s packed. We sell out everywhere. My focus is taking care of my kids and Jackson State. 


“I don’t want to go to the game and limp back. Traditionally, the classics have been great for the fans, but it needs to be great for the schools.”


That’s what Coach Prime has stressed consistently, if it isn’t beneficial and for the betterment of the student-athletes and JSU he sees no need to partake in it. Finally someone not afraid to buck the trend, and rid of classics that he’s said over and over bear no fruit. 


Beginning in 2023, JSU will instead play Arkansas Pine-Bluff in the SWAC Classic. Followed by Southern in 2024, not home games, but played at Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama. It’s a in-conference game, which in turn means revenue for the entire SWAC as a whole. Sanders still would rather these be home games, against conference opponents and not neutral site games. 


Sanders Still Wants More Home Games:


The pageantry of the “Sonic Boom of the South,” and 50-60,000 screaming fans is shag Coach Prime wants to see more of. 


“We love when the kids get off the bus, and take that walk and fans are screaming and adoring and the Sonic Boom band is playing. We can feel everybody. We can feel 60 (thousand fans).


“I’m crazy enough to believe every time we walk in that stadium we’re gonna feel 60,000 this year. We’re not accepting nothing less, it should be (capacity crowds).  We feel like we got a really good team, a really good staff, a really good fan base and a really good band. Everything is going on all cylinders right now. We want to take advantage of that. We must play at home.”


Sanders is looking to capitalize on that homefield advantage his program has built as Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium. But get this they also have more fans at road games than the home team as well. 




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