Trust Between Wilson And Team Had Been Compromised For Quite A While, Divorce Was Inevitable

Trust Between Wilson And Team Had Been Compromised For Quite A While, Divorce Was Inevitable

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In a wild offseason that saw top player movement like arguably never before, the one move which probably stands out moreso than any other, Deshaun Watson deal not withstanding. Is the Seattle Seahawks decision to trade stalwart franchise quarterback Russell  “Let Russ Cook” Wilson to the Denver Broncos. But based on a report released on Wednesday, that marriage was in turmoil far longer than the public knew. There were a lot of moving parts that played a role in the trust between player and team being ruined. 


In fact, following the 2020-21 season there were rumors of Wilson being dealt that offseason. His team even gave the Seahawks a list of teams he was willing to remove his No-trade clause for. While that never came to fruition, the 2021 season was a sign that the relationship had run if’s course and it was time to move on. 


Wilson’s Fate Was Sealed After 2020-21 Season: 


Although the Seahawks and Wilson smiled for the camera and acted as if everything was okay following the 2020-21 season, they were far from it. And while Wilson never reportedly requested a trade, the Hawks put out feelers following a pretty telling interview that Wilson partook in following Super Bowl 54 in Tampa. The interview came on The Dan Patrick Show, and Wilson wasn’t to quiet about his feelings about playing in Seattle. 


“You play the game to be the best in the world. You know what I hate: I hate sitting there watching the other guys play the game. There’s nothing worse.”


Wilson also took the time let his frustrations about the lack of pass protection and how many times he’s been hit. Since he was drafted in 2012, no player in since the NFL merger had been sacked (almost 400 times) than he in their first nine years in the league. 


The lack of personnel decisions and all the turnover at offensive coordinator bothered him as well. This wasn’t the same positive leader the Seahawks had come to know since 2012. He was fed up and he didn’t care who knew. 


Wilson’s former teammate Doug Baldwin, even sensed the marriage was a wreck and he stated they were gonna part ways sooner than later.


“From my vantage point, the divorce was inevitable and was many years in the making. The reasons are multiple, but ultimately, I think it comes down to a difference of pursuits.”


Wilson’s Team Peeved That Team Went To Pro Days Of Patrick Mahomes And Josh Allen:


In 2017, not long after signing Wilson to a huge extension, Seahawks GM John Schneider still went to see Patrick Mahomes throw at his pro day. Schneider did the same thing in 2018 by going to see Buffalo Bills superstar signal caller Josh Allen throw at his Wyoming pro day. Those two instances raised some eyebrows amongst Wilson’s camp to the point it was reported that they were peeved. 


“They were f—ing pissed.” a Seahawks front office source revealed. 


That wasn’t all as there were also times that Russ felt the offense was dummied down to hinder his chances at winning MVP. Head coach Pete Carroll was the “Let Russ Cook” killer. 


Point blank things in Seattle was never the same once Wilson got his two big deals. Those came at the expense of a dominant defense that masked a lot of deficiencies on the team and roster as a whole. Wilson was great and worked magic in the Pacific Northwest often, but even he got tired and the relationship had run it’s course. 






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