Former LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron Seen At College Football Game With Much Younger Woman | That Was Part Of His Demise At LSU

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Former LSU Tigers head football coach Ed Orgeron is once again in the news. And guess what? It’s for what helped him get the axe down in Baton Rouge. Less than three years ago Orgeron sat atop the college football world, leading the “Bayou Bengals” to their first national championship since 2007. Starting quarterback Joe Burrow also won the Heisman Trophy passing for 5,671 yards, 60 touchdowns and just six interceptions. His (10-1) touchdown to interception ratio is an NCAA record. Orgeron was the guy who hired the young, innovative offensive savant in Joe Brady. But that all came crashing down pretty swiftly, as key pieces of that team went to the NFL, and key assistants took other jobs. 


Orgeron’s personal life playing out in the media didn’t help matters either. There was the infamous picture of him in bed with a much younger woman they went viral. Him reportedly ignoring a sexual assault claim against one of his players from 2017, didn’t sit well with LSU’s administration. 


Since the divorce from his longtime wife in 2021, Orgeron has been sewing his oats of sorts. 


His latest excursion has him showing up to a Louisiana Ragin Cajuns over the weekend with a much younger woman. 


The Love Of Women Played A Role In Orgeron’s Demise: 


The Athletic reported that Orgeron’s fun, but reckless off-the-field behavior played a huge role in his being dismissed. The former Ole Miss and USC interim coach just let hisself go following the championship season and subsequent divorce. 


“He lost track of who he was and what made him good from the national championship to now. There were coordinator hires of coaches that Orgeron admits to not fully interviewing and embarrassing interactions with fans. There were viral photos of him in bed with women. 


Then, at his most powerful — and his most wealthy Orgeron was single again. He had just signed a six-year, $42 million extension and was a Louisiana hero. And he was going to enjoy it. Something that had priority in his life that didn’t have a priority before was talking to (women). That just became too high on the totem pole.”


The source also told The Athletic this ….


“To people and sources inside the program, there was no moral issue with Orgeron enjoying his life, but it became noticeable that football wasn’t his entire focus like it had been in years past, and it became a distraction. There was the famous 2020 photos of him in bed with a woman, among other photos made public. Multiple sources said he brought the women around the LSU football operations building.”


So the source is saying that Coach O was basically wildin’ out. That divorce seems to turn over a new leaf for Orgeron and not in a good way. 


Tigers Still Gave Orgeron $17 Million To Vanish:


While we hadn’t heard much about how things went with Orgeron’s firing in 2021, the always engaging Coach O recently gave a detailed version of his firing went down. 


Things weren’t going well and the time had come for a change. Orgeron says even it was a no-brainer, and he wasn’t really surprised by the ending. But what he was surprised by was the amount of money the team gave him to leave, even though he was fired with cause. Tigers athletic director, Scott Woodward told Orgeron they were gonna give him the remaining $17.1 million on his contract. A shocked Coach O has this to say. 


“He said, Coach you’ve got $17.1 million on your contract. We’re going to give you. I said, What time do you want me to leave, and what door do you want me out of, brother.”


Coach O was living before he was fired, now $17 million dollars richer why should he stop now? Live it up Coach O. 




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