Did Tony Romo Fat Shame Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid?

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CBS NFL Sunday color commentator and former NFL quarterback Tony Romo has become one of the top guys in the booth. His knowledge of the game and understanding of what teams are doing pre-snap have become  the norm during NFL broadcasts on on Sunday afternoons. At times Romo can be a little over the top, but for the most part he’s really going f at his job. He even makes the occasional joke, like he did during Sunday’s, Kansas City Chiefs and Arizona Cardinals game. This joke came at the expense of Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, or as I like to call him “Kool Aid.”


During a cutaway to Reid, Romo said this. 


“Whoa baby, let’s go get a snack.”


The joke was made in reference to Reid being on the heavy side as it pertains to his weight. NFL Twitter called it “fat shaming,” of the brilliant offensive savant. As it is with most things in today’s society, it was blown out of proportion, as many things are in this overly sensitive world. 


Romo Came Under Fire For Gisele Bundchen Comments Last Season:


At times Romo gets ahead of himself in the booth and speaks before he thinks. Last season during a Chiefs game when Tom Brady threw his 600th career touchdown to Mike Evans, the All-Pro wideout accidentally gave the football to a person in the crowd. In an attempt to make light of the mistake, Romo sort of went overboard, in how the Buccaneers could get the football back from the fan. In that case the fan is usually showered with gifts and autographed memorabilia. But Romo suggested a date with Bundchen, the supermodel wife of Brady. 


“He’s like we need that ball. So what do you want, a million? A date with Gisele and I’m in, ok Tom? Tom will do it, go out one time, you got it.”


Romo Is Paid Handsomely To Do What He Does: 


Even with Romo’s quirky at times and sometimes odd takes, CBS saw fit to make him  highest-paid sports commentator. Romo’s $18 million per year salary ranks No.1 as of now.

That is until Tom Brady retires and takes on his reported 10-year, $375 million deal with Fox Sports. 


Romo is part of the CBS’ top broadcast team with the legendary Jim Nantz. The two have been together since 2015, and Nantz says he knew was the next best thing in broadcasting long before he retired as signal caller of the Cowboys. 


In an interview last season with the Great Dane Nation podcast, Nantz had this to say.


“There was this ball of energy that would stand up and show you a throwing motion, or he would simulate situations in anticipation of coming up on the broadcast on Sunday for us to look for.”


“This guy is the most animated, expressive player I’ve ever been around. Romo is going to be a great broadcaster.”


That he’s become, even if his takes aren’t always the best, he’s good at his job. 



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