ESPN First Take Personality Stephen A. Smith With A Blasphemous Take, Micah Parsons The Second Coming Of LT?

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Dallas Cowboys superstar Micah Parsons has taken the league by storm since he was taken with the 11th-pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. The former Penn State Nittany Lions stud do-it-all defender has been nothing short of sensational since his arrival to the pros. His play even has some drawing comparisons to NFL legend and Pro Football Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor, who in many ways changed the game from a pass rush/run stopping edge defender for the Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick led New York Giants. 


In just 18 career games the aforementioned Parsons has accrued 17 sacks and 92 tackles as he’s become a weekly game wrecker in Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn’s fast flowing and aggressive scheme. The 2021 unanimous NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year was as good as advertised his rookie season. Those type numbers have him once again drawing comparisons to the aforementioned “LT,” who doesn’t need any introduction but those two letters. The latest to jump on the train is ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, an avid Cowboys hater, but he does recognize when a guy is special, as is Parson. But LT special? 


“Micah Parson is the second coming of Lawrence Taylor, I’m gon say that. I just said it, I didn’t stutter. Micah Parsons is the second coming of Lawrence Taylor. That’s how big time that brother is, Sargent Friday.”


But in typical SAS fashion as it pertains to the Cowboys he had to take a shot at them as well, following up his praise for Parsons with this comment. 


“And he still ain’t gon’ lead them to the damn playoffs… the fact of the matter is they ain’t

winning the NFC East. I can assure you that…. As great as he is, he ain’t gonna be able to pull that off.”


That’s a big time endorsement for Parsons, but I have my reservations as to why he’s wrong. 


LT Was Last Defensive Player To Win NFL MVP: That’s How Dominant He Was


Comparing Parsons to someone considered the greatest defensive player to ever play the game is a bit much. “LT,” was so good he made then Washington Redskins head coach Joe Gibbs create a position called the “H-Back,” in an effort to help alleviate the pressure he put on opposing offensive tackles off the edge. While it helped, Taylor was still a menace and downright filthy in his approach. 


LT did his damage in an era where the run/pass ratio was 65-35. Meaning nearly seven out of ten times quarterbacks were handing off to a running back. In today’s era of football those numbers are completely reversed, meaning pass rushers have many more opportunities to make plays, accrue sacks and reek havoc. 


Parsons Talks The Talk: And Walks The Walk As Well


Parsons has never been low on confidence and swagger. From his time in high school when he was the No.1 rated linebacker in his recruiting class, Parsons has demonstrated a confidence and belief that he’s the best player on the field. Following Sunday’s big win over the Bengals minus star Dak Prescott the loquacious Parsons had this to say. 


“I mean we had to be relentless today. I mean knowing Dak is down, all the injuries, we had to step up as a defense. We are owning, in on this year our defensive mentality. We’ve got to be relentless, hardworking, and bad mother…. you know what I’m saying? So that’s been the mentality.”


It’s no doubt Parsons has the “IT,” factor, but comparing him to “LT” is downright blasphemous.

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