How The Trio Of Adam Dedeaux, Chris Hewitt And Tee Martin Have Played A Pivotal Role In Lamar Jackson’s Newfound Success As A Passer

How The Trio Of Adam Dedeaux, Chris Hewitt And Tee Martin Have Played A Pivotal Role In Lamar Jackson’s Newfound Success As A Passer

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Ravens star quarterback Lamar Jackson has come into the 2022 season looking to dispel the notion that he can’t consistently beat teams with his arm and legs. And mainly beat teams from the pocket. Thus far he’s doing just that having tossed at least three touchdowns in all three games, for a grand total of ten to begin the season. Playing on the fifth-year option of his rookie deal the 2019 unanimous MVP has taken the professional I’ll show you better than I can tell you approach as it pertains to his contract or lack thereof. 


Jackson’s work with his personal QB coach Adam Dedeaux, passing game coordinator Chris Hewitt and wide receivers coach Tee Martin has paid dividends for the dynamic Jackson and the Ravens offense.

The trio has done wonders for Jackson from a technical, attacking defenses and wide receivers being on the same accord as Jackson standpoint. 


This is the best Jackson has ever thrown the football and it’s a direct result of his offseason work with Dedeaux, Hewitt adding a passing game that fits his strengths and receivers actually being developed under Martin. 


Dedeaux Spent Time With Jackson And Ravens At Training Camp:


During the offseason Jackson took numerous trips out work with Dedeaux at 3DQB, and in August Dedeaux made an appearance at the team’s Under Armour Training facility outside of Baltimore. His work with Jackson has been on him adding more zip on his ball, but still making it catchable. Jackson has done just that, as he’s now completing those same downfield that he missed with regularity in the past. He’s also worked heavily on Jackson’s footwork in the pocket and it’s evident by his now usage of pocket manipulation. Jackson is now using those tricks to better his play at the position. 


During Dedeaux’s visit Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman talked about Dedeaux and his familiarity with his tactics as a QB guru. 


“We’re very familiar and comfortable with Adam Dedeaux. We spent a lot of time talking to him and pretty much explaining what we’re wanting to get done and him giving us feedback on what he likes to do and kind of get a feel. And really, after talking to him initially, I was like, Man, this guy is really sharp. He’s really good.”


Arm strength has never been an issue for Jackson, but it was his throwing motion and mechanics that needed some work. Even in his 2019 MVP season where he led the league with 36 touchdown passes, a lot of those throws were made moreso because of Jackson’s elite athleticism and less because of him playing the position from the neck up. 


In an effort to become more of a quarterback and less athlete Jackson began working with Dedeaux, and the work is paying off.


Ravens Passing Game Now Coincides With Jackson’s Skillset As A Passer: 


Jackson’s has always had a strong arm. But it lacked accuracy on the deep shots. The work of Dedeaux with him, along with passing game coordinator Chris Hewitt’s passing game design is in tune with Jackson’s strengths as a passer. The ball is spraying the middle of the field to tight end Mark Andrews with regularity and with much more zip. As for the receivers, that’s the work of wide receivers coach Tee Martin who’s got them playing at a high level. 


The connection between Jackson and his pass catchers has always been a bit touch and go, but under Martin it seems to be clicking now. Of Jackson’s ten touchdown passes, six have gone to receivers this season. That’s a direct result of those three parties coming together to create a scheme that fits the QB and WRs. 


Credit offensive coordinator Greg Roman the running game mastermind for understanding that his strength lies in the run game. This move has been beneficial to all parties involved, especially Lamar who looks like he could win his second MVP, with 750 yards passing, ten touchdowns and just two picks in his first three games this season. 


He’s completing 65 percent of his passes and his 84 QBR is the highest since his 2019 MVP season. 
















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