Deion Sanders Responds To Alabama State Head Coach Eddie Robinson Jr, That Coach Prime Isn’t SWAC

Deion Sanders Responds To Alabama State Head Coach Eddie Robinson Jr, That Coach Prime Isn’t SWAC

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To say Alabama State head coach Eddie Robinson Jr., “poked the bear” with his postgame comments following Saturday’s 26-12 homecoming loss to the Jackson State Tigers would be an understatement. Robinson ranted in his postgame interview that while Sanders is doing a great job with his program, 


“He ain’t SWAC, I’m SWAC.” That was a shot at Sanders following a pretty hostile postgame  midfield handshake that went left pretty quickly. If Robinson was insinuating that because he played in the SWAC, at Alabama State and is now its coach and since Sanders didn’t that he isn’t SWAC, is asinine and shallow. Either way it sounded stupid for Robinson to say that, and while he apologized for his actions on Tuesday. 


He also poked the proverbial bear known as Coach Prime. 


During the Tigers team meeting on Tuesday, Sanders entered the room to the chants of …


“Who is SWAC, I am SWAC,” from his players as Coach Prime and had fun with it. 

He also wore a hoodie with the words on the front and back. A sign of let the petty begin to an extent.


Sanders Says Robinson Was Upset About The Homecoming Result And In Turn Acted Out:


The Hornets pushed the heavily-favored Tigers in-front of a sellout homecoming crowd of 26,500 at the beautiful ASU Stadium in Montgomery. Robinson’s guys came to play and while Sanders’ credited them for their effort he also said Robinson believed he was gonna get a huge program changing victory. Per the Tuscaloosa News, in his postgame presser Sanders talked at length about that. 


“I think he thought he was gonna get a win. I don’t know why he would’ve ever thought that. … Secondly, he said that I didn’t come to greet him in the center of the field. I don’t know if you understand but we got here very late. So that expedited our whole process of preparation. So, then we were in like, Let’s go get it mode.”


Sanders says the traffic in and around the stadium played a huge role in the team delayed arrival. So that was why he didn’t get a chance to speak to Robinson pregame, as most opposing coaches do at all levels. 


ASU Fans Split On Robinson’s Behavior: 


While many Hornet fans were okay with Robinson standing up for bis team and “Black Belt Nation.” There were those who felt he could’ve handled it better since he is a leader and role model of young Black males. But at Robinson stated in his apology, he knows he was wrong and he’s human, and so he let his emotions of the moment get the best of him. 


He says he’s owned it, learned from it, and will be a better person and leader because of it. 


Now let’s see if Jackson State schedules the Hornets for their 2023 homecoming game. 







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