Did Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll Just Insinuate That Geno Smith’s Job As The Starter May Not Be Safe

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The Seattle Seahawks entered the 2022 season with a lot of uncertainty, after trading away franchise player Russell Wilson in March and allowing their defensive leader for the last ten seasons, Bobby Wagner leave via free agency. In fact, Wilson and Wagner were both drafted in the 2012 NFL Draft, and were the quarterbacks of the offense and defense for the last ten seasons. With the team in the midst of a mini rebuild, the biggest question was who’d be under center after Wilson’s departure.


Throughout the offseason the aforementioned Carroll let it be known than longtime Seahawks backup Geno Smith and former second-round pick Drew Lock, who was dealt in the Wilson deal would battle for the starting position. Smith proved to be the winner, and through the first five weeks of the season, Smith has been one of the five best QBs in the league. 


The former West Virigina star has passed for over 1,300 yards, nine touchdowns and just two interceptions. His 75 percent completion percentage is tops in the entire NFL, and his teammates seem to be responding to him. Hearing that one would think he’s solidified as the starter, but comments made by Carroll this week, sounded as if the position is Smith’s for now, but not permanent. 


I Carroll’s Odd Comments Amidst Smith’s Great Start:


During a media availability session earlier this week, Carroll mentioned how well Smith is playing. But in the same sentence, he also said Lock was good playing in practice. 


“He’s doing everything we could ask of him right now. It’s good, too, that he’s got Drew Lock nipping at his heels everyday in practice. Everyday in practice, Drew does stuff. He’s got good stuff going right there in support of what Geno does. It just keeps everybody on their toes. It’s the whole thing about competition; it’s good and we like that it continues to be that way.”


It’s a little awkward for Carroll to be praising Lock so much when his current starter is playing so well. Lock had ample opportunities throughout the offseason to prove he was the best man for the job and he was thoroughly outplayed by Smith. On the other end it’s also a sly strategy by Carroll to keep the confidence of his backup high, because we all know he’s one play away from being the man. 


But it’s just strange timing to make those remarks. Has Also Outplayed The Guy He Replaced In Seattle: 


Through five weeks of football, Smith has managed to do something that most believed wasn’t possible. He’s outplayed Wilson, the guy he backed up from 2019-2021. While Smith is thriving at the helm in Seattle, Wilson’s struggles through the five games this season have been well-documented. And while the expectancy is for Russ to figure it out, as of now Smith is playing at a much higher level.


And that’s what makes Carroll’s comments even more strange when you think about it from that standpoint. 




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