Deion Sanders Speaks On Video Of He And Rob Jay Gone Wrong

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Jackson State head coach and Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders has addressed the video exchange between he and JSU Assistant Athletic Director for broadcasting and video services. In the video last week, Sanders can be seen calling out Jay for how he spoke off camera versus how he spoke on camera. The video caused a bit of a stir as many believe Sanders belittled the savvy media veteran. In an attempt to clean things up Sanders took to Instagram to tell what really happened by his account. 


“A few media outlets took a portion of this interview and made it controversial which is wasn’t. This is my dear friend ‘Rob J’ a seasoned great media personality here in Jackson. We clown like this every week. This is a quick view of our relationship that always ends with ‘Rob J’ giving me a gift but this time I gave him 1 as well. 


Sanders continued ….


“Stop trying to create the perception of wrong & disrespect between 2 friends that have true love and respect for one another. We’re better than this BLACK MEDIA OUTLETS. We are so much better than this. God bless you and have a great day. Sorry I had to address this foolishness.”


While Sanders saying they joke like that often may be true, for the viewer it came off as Sanders was telling him to be the same way on and off camera, whichever way that may be. It also seemed as if Jay was caught off guard by Sanders telling him that. But there wasn’t any malice or ill intent towards one another, so as Deion stated the media may have definitely overblown the interaction. 


Sanders Is Fresh Off His Postgame Dustup With Alabama State Head Coach Eddie Robinson Jr:


Sanders has been in the media a little more than normal since his postgame interaction with Alabama State head coach Eddie Robinson Jr. During the October 8th affair which happened to the Hornets homecoming, Sanders and Robinson’s postgame midfield handshake became a topic of discussion when Sandeds tried to bro-hug Robinson, who wasn’t for the antics. That began a series of postgame comments by both, with Robinson saying Sanders isn’t SWAC. In typical Sanders fodder he responded with a whole dance skit and sweatshirt to boot, with the hoodie saying “I Am SWAC.”


Robinson thinks Sanders was disrespectful and condescending for remarks made the week of the game, where he said Alabama State using JSU as a “money game.” Sanders also said “all money ain’t good money,” 


Robinson felt the remarks were uncalled for and he let it be known in his postgame presser. 


Sanders And JSU Are 6-0 And The Clearcut Best Team In The SWAC: 


This season the Tigers have outscored opponents 264-57 this season, including Saturday’s 48-8 romp over the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats. That happened to be another game that Sanders insinuated was about money, when the brass at B-CU moved the game from their on-campus stadium to Jacksonville and the Jaguars stadium. Sanders questioned the move saying they were expecting the JSU fanbase to fill the nearly 70,000 seat stadium. 


Tigers are halfway home to an undefeated season.

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