Former NFL Player Ricky Williams Applauds Aaron Rodgers For Being Outward About Use Of Psychedelics

Former NFL Player Ricky Williams Applauds Aaron Rodgers For Being Outward About Use Of Psychedelics

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The Green Bay Packers have started the 2022 NFL season 3-3 and reigning two-time NFL MVP, Aaron Rodgers has struggled immensely with All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams no longer with the team. This season is stark in comparison for Rodgers who threw 85 touchdowns and just nine interceptions during his back-to-back MVP seasons. Rodgers claims his two best NFL seasons came after he began using the plant-based drug psychedelic drug ayahuasca in Peru. And making it even was the psychedelic doesn’t violate the league’s NFL drug policy. 


Former NFL running back Ricky Williams, an strong advocate for medical marijuana use and hallucinogenics recently applauded Rodgers for his openness about his use of the ayahuasca psychedelic, as he believes it did him well. 


Williams Was Excited To Hear Rodgers Admit To Using Psychedelics: 


Andy Nesbitt of USA Today recent interviewed Williams on a host of topics, with one being Aaron Rodgers announcing he used the ayahuasca psychedelic. 


“I do a podcast once a week with Dan Le Batard, and we integrate astrology. And so, Aaron Rodgers astrological chart is online, and so we’ve talked about it a few times. And, for me, when I heard him speak about it I like lit up. Because it’s like he’s living his true self, you know? There’s so much pressure to be, when you’re the MVP of the NFL, to not share those parts of yourself. And for his to be able to use that platform and to share that, I thought it was amazing. And how many people are now going to be more open-minded to look to going down these channels to improve the quality of their life because you had the courage to speak up? So I think it’s great.”


The former Heisman Trophy winner is no stranger to what Rodgers is feeling, and that’s probably why he’s so intrigued with Rodgers being so open about it. Williams was never been shy about his use of the aforementioned medical marijuana and hallucinogens. 


“Sixteen years ago, Ricky discovered astrology as an excellent guide to finding and understanding himself. Time booked in consultation with Ricky is spent taking a long, deep look in the astrological mirror. The common experience of those who talk with Ricky about their chart is that they feel seen. Once you see who you really are, you begin t realize your wholeness — your healing.” 



Rodgers Has Had An Adventurous Year: Brought On By Himself


The last 12 months have been a bit of a whirlwind for the four-time NFL MVP, from his lying about being vaccinated, first. To then announcing his use of psychedelics then last couple years and how he believes it helped improve his play. 

And get this he’s still questioning his coaches in GB, as on Monday following Sunday’s home loss to the Jets, he said the coaching staff needs to simplify things. His head coach Matt LaFleur said he has no idea what that means, and left it at that. 


Things are teetering a bit in Green Bay, but nothing a trip to play the listless Washington Commanders can’t help cure. 


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