Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves Optimistic About A New Jackson State Stadium

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The arrival of Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders has elevated a once dormant program a Jackson State. Prior to Coach Prime showing up the school hadn’t won a SWAC championship since 2007, and for all intents and purposes had become a bit of an afterthought in the HBCU realm. Fast forward two years later and the Tigers have won a SWAC championship, posted their first 11-win season in program history. They also participated in their first Celebration Bowl as well. 


With success comes newfound expectations, and when you’ve changed the landscape of HBCU football like Coach Prime has you can ask for things. Sanders has consistently let it be known that he wants an on-campus stadium for his Tigers. And now it seems Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves, a friend of Sanders, agrees. The aforementioned Reeves recently addressed the situation.


“Clearly, there’s more conversation ongoing about the stadium, and that’s something that we’re going to continue to want to look at and focus on and see where we’re going to head from here.”


The Tigers currently play at Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium, and when you consider today’s college stadiums it’s outdated. And it’s not on campus, which is something Sanders has called vital, if and when a new edifice is built.


While there are bigger problems in the state at the moment, such as the water crisis, in the world of competitive athletics having updated facilities is imperative in order to attract top recruits. A new stadium would also provide revenue by the selling of suites to businesses and corporations. 


Reeves Was Singing A Different Tune A Few Months Ago: 


Not long ago when asked about the possibility of a new stadium for JSU, Reeves told reporters he “wasn’t excited,” about using state funds to build a new stadium. Since then all the undefeated Tigers have done is bring out the fans in droves. In fact, of the top ten attendance games in FCS this season, JSU has played in six of them, with three coming at “The Vet.”


Reeves recently told reporters that talks are will continue and they’ll reach a decision on how to move forward. 


“The conversation will continue, and as we move into the regular session, the Mississippi legislature, I’m hopeful that there will be some agreements that can get in place to potentially find a way to finance that new stadium, in a location that makes sense for everyone.”


Reeves Was Complimentary Of Band And Coach Prime:


The renowned “Sonic Boom of the South,” has long done its thing, but now the band is front and center with the success of the football program. 


“I was just watching earlier today over lunch, some of the social media down by the Sonic Boom as well. And they … wow … what an awesome, awesome group that they have there at the Jackson State Band.”

Reeves also complimented Coach Prime for the job he’s done as well. 


An on-campus stadium would do wonders for the program and city of Jackson. 




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