Model Kate Upton Isn’t Rushing Astros Ace Justin Verlander To Retire, Is She The Anti-Gisele Bundchen?

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The Houston Astros just won their second World Series in six seasons with a Game 6 win over the Philadelphia Phillies. In a tight contested series pretty much all the way, it was the Game 5 effort of future Hall of Famer Justin Verlander that tilted the series in favor of the Astros as they headed home for Game 6. The win in Game 5 was Verlander’s first Fall Classic win in six starts, and was the only thing he didn’t have on his Cooperstown resume. 


Following the team’s series clinching Game 6 win, Verlander joined the Fox Sports set to chop it up with Kevin Burkhardt, Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz and Frank Thomas. Not too long after he sat down his model wife, Kate Upton, appeared on set as well. Upton was asked about him playing one more year. And here’s how she responded. 


“This is the most we get to see him. Just to see him do what he loves, just to see him do his craft, he’s such an artist out there. When he’s pitching, it’s really so creative, such an art and we are so honored …”


“Honestly, I don’t know his opinion on that. But for me, I’m so happy that he has it. But honestly, he’s such a legend, who f—big cares.”


Upton Singing A Different Tune Gisele Bundchen: 


Upton also told the set it hasn’t been all peaches and cream, with Verlander’s injuries and coming up short two other times in the Fall Classic. But winning it makes it all worth it. 


“It’s all just an incredible experience. Having Justin home and being able to be together as a family is so amazing and then go to the exact extreme and be here at the World Series, and win is just so exciting and so worth it. We miss every time he goes away.”


Upton remarks are so anti-Gisele, who wanted  husband Tom Brady to retire following last season. Which he did for all of 44 days only to return, and in the process lose his wife. The two megastars decided to divorce and the belief it’s because Brady wouldn’t leave the game. In Gisele’s defense Brady is 45 and his 23rd season in the most physically demanding sport. As for Verlander he’s a pitcher who’s body has plenty of wear and tear as well, but not 23 seasons of being hit big strong men with bad intentions. 


In fact, Upton sounded like she be okay with Verlander playing a few more seasons. 


Verlander Is In Line To Win His Third Cy Young Award:


The former Old Dominion Monarch, has won two AL Cy Young Awards already, one with the Tigers and one wit the Astros. His 2022 season was a turn back the clock type year with an AL leading 1.75 ERA and 185 strikeouts. It’d be a huge surprise if he didn’t the third Cy Young Award in his career. He was the ace of the league’s best staff that won the World Series. 








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